What makes you a DJ??

Call me DJ Dudoo....lol

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Moving right along, this post is about Deejays.  We all know a party aint a party without relevant people and a good deejay. But maara I cant keep up with the Deejays, every week there’s a new DJ, or I hear of a new DJ, ay, I cant keep up. Is being a DJ the latest trend??Maybe its because I dont know what being a DJ is all about.

Are you a DJ when you change discs while chilling namajita over the weekend? Are you a DJ when you just hang around people that play in clubs and parties?? Are you a DJ when you know the latest hit songs? Are you still a DJ when you not being booked in any Gig? Does being a Radio DJ automatically make you a Club DJ? Too many questions neh? Tricky.

So I decided to ask some of Cape Town DJ’s what they think makes one a DJ…..

  • DJ Pisce:1. A ear 4 music, passion, skill & discipline.
    2. Knowledge in the dj & music industry.
    3. Technical knowlegde of dj equipment and latest trends.


  • DJ OD: “its the Passion. A good DJ is passionate about music, infact they are almost obsessive about their music. They look high and low for the nect big tune. They dont worry about what others are playing and buying, they only care about what they are collecting. They believe in their own musical taste and style”

–   DJ Charliebang: “Its the love of music, passion for the music. Yep, Deejaying is not about getting booked.. Its a person that can play music for others as far as I am concerned”

Mmmh, well,, are you a DJ??? well, just call me DJ Dudoo


14 thoughts on “What makes you a DJ??

  1. Well I simple think the matter is about distinguishing between just a dj and a good dj, a good dj will be booked and a dj will play for his/her friends just like we all do for the love of music….

  2. well, i believe its all about passion and love for music. Wether you get gigs or not, it matters not because at the end of the day you are doing what you love and enjoy.

  3. lmao..great blog hun,been thinking about the same thing..keep them coming dj Dudoo..hehe ps,get me a date with Lulo Cafe and you can dj anytime..lol*wink*

  4. I have a good ear and passion for music but a DJ I am not. I think a good DJ is club one who can play music through disc in the club. You know those guys like Milkshake and Dino Bravo, And we have guys like Andile Ncube, DJ Sbu and Boza from Skwatta Camp who do not even go near the discs or DJ Equipment but they all love music. After all that renting I think a Dj is someone who can scratch some disc and play music for the clubs

  5. Good Q. The answers are all right but some ppl have all those qualities and you still cant call them Dj’s hey. so maybe being a DJ means having all those qualities and actually taking your job seriously and not just claim to be a DJ for the fame. thats just me.

  6. Good Q mchana…so many fakes out there that one can’t really keep up who’s who but i also think DJ is someone booked for gigs and plays what people loves to hear

  7. Every1 wants to b a dj its sux, n they always come up with these funny names,they think being a dj is all about popular n getting gals,its hard ukwazi odj mabanyani

  8. Perfect Q you raised there. I play music whenever I can. Does that make me a DJ? I am quite interested and familiar with Politics, but does that necessarily constitute me being a premature politician? NO… The tag “DJ” is earned through your competency and professionalism of DJ-ing. I find it ill though, that one will claim they are DJ’s when their skill is limited to just changing discs…

  9. Nice 1 ey…. but my finally answer will be sorry I’m NOT a DJ & NO u also not a DJ if:
    1 You just change disc chilling namajita over the weekend 2. You just hang around people that play in clubs and parties. 3. You know the latest hit songs? 4. You not being booked in any Gig.
    You feel the art, you live it, you have passion for it. You know it, you constantly improving that knowledge & keep urself updated and you know good music 🙂

  10. Hay mna i personally think that DJ’ing is a profession. It requires more than the love for music. Passion just isn’t enough hey, knowledge is a must. You can’t honestly expect to be called a doctor without the necessary education…same applies to being a DJ. As for the whack-ass names ke hay i just can’t. oo”Dj” call me n others hay shame they need to fall back qha

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