CTScene – E.E Concert

As we all know that March is the month that focuses on human rights and on the 21st of March is the Human Rights Day (H.R.D) and now known as the Braai Day. This is the day were as South Africans get to celebrate our rights and freedom.

On the 21st of March while most people were relaxing, enjoying the long weekend and some took out their braai stands or went to the nearest ‘tshisa nyama’. Thousands of school learners of Cape Town in their colourful school uniform attended the Equal ducation concert and march for quality education at the Grand Parade. And ctvibes was there to cover it.

The crowd

For those who don’t know anything about Equal Education also known as E.E is about, let me give you a brief about them.
E.E is an organisation that is fighting the inequalities of South African education system. It works hand in hand with high schools (learners, teachers and principals) but closely with learners (known as Equalisers), parents and the community at large. It is based at Khayelitsha and if you need more information about them and where to get them, you can just check them on their website: www.equaleducation.org.za.

Hope that helped a bit to know about E.E and I also hope it got you thinking about wanting to know more about it. Anyway moving right along to why ctvibes was there at the first place which is the Concert.

The stage

The concert started at 10am on a cloudy Monday morning with learners still filling up the Grand Parade. The stage was opened by E.E’s got talent where the Equalisers were showing us what their mama gave them and ‘badume ngani’ and after that we got to be blown away by our own cape town stars such as Gqabi, Sound Masters, Undecided Crew and Ruffest which blew away the learners with its hit song ‘Khandenze ndonwabe’ that got me and Dudoo dancing like no one’s business.

After that I wished I was the stage (not really) so I can feel the man himself Dj Oskido playing his hottest tracks that we like to listen to when we jamming and I managed to get a picture with him (excited face)- groupie tendencies.

Oskido and I

Just when I thought E.E has done it all but to my surprise I see Freshly Ground pumping the stage with a very powerful performance that left many faces wanting more and in a spirit for the march ahead.


Well while everyone was buzzing around and all excited, I manage to still a moment with the Ruffest, this is a group from Nyanga East that consist of three members who are Andile (Max), Sello who both are vocalists and Phiello who is their producer/ Dj.

Brat: What does Ruffest stand for?

Ruffest: To be strong and be able to survive in the entertainment industry because it’s very rough.

Brat: mmmmm interesting, so tell me what brings you to the E.E concert/ March?

Ruffest: To encourage young kids that you can be something in life, but first get educated because education is the key to success.

Brat: What message do you want learners to go home with?

Ruffest: Be engage in what is happening around you and know that dreams do come true.

The interview was done and we chilled for a while before they were in demand for autographs and pictures with their fans.


That is all from me BRAT! Until the next post.

Nokubonga Yawa and I
 By: Brat

One thought on “CTScene – E.E Concert

  1. EE I miss their songs now I’m no longer part of the editing team (damn they use to irritate the hell out of me). Hamba Ruffest LOL

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