Moments with Sive Msolo by Brat


I and Brat

Most have fallen in love with his voice on the daily show Everyday People and some on the Saturday night show Deep Soul Fire. Beside the radio shows he does the eye candy for most of Cape Town girls, is also a Dj, a producer and owns a company called Deep Soul Fire entertainment with his friend Freedom and a co-presenter. Yep I’m talking about Sive Msolo one of our own Cape Town personality.
Being at the radio station (Bush Radio) that I used to work for, brought back old memories, Eish! Those were the days of fun and this is where I met up with Sive Msolo.
When I arrived he was in the studio doing his thing on the decks with the ones and twos and checking our blog site, I see he was trying to impress me and show that he does his homework. I watched him play for a while, just admiring his talent and more. After that, this is how the interview went down:

On the decks

 Brat: Tell us who is Sive?
Sive: Sive is an ambitious individual, crazy, energetic, very private guy and life enjoyer.
Brat: Where you from?
Sive: I’m originally from Khayelitsha (H-Section) but now I reside in Gugulethu. Can’t say the NY cause people will stalk me (laughing).


Brat: Tell me about Sive the Dj and the Radio personality
Sive: Well I don’t like to call myself a D.j but an entertainer. Anyway there is no difference from Sive the entertainer, the radio presenter and the real me. I never fake myself. What you hear on radio is what I am which is CRAZY!
Brat: Tell me how did it all come about?
Sive: I started producing Hip-Hop music until I met Freedom, who introduced me to house music then I fell in love with it.

Brat: How long has your company been running and why did you start it?
Sive: It has been running for 2years now and started on the 7th of June 2009, the same year I started being a presenter for Everyday People. The reason for this company is my passion for music and to create an umbrella of deep house music for Cape Town plus to recruit and uplift Deep house Djs from the township and get them recognised by people out there because deep house was dying in Cape Town.

Brat: How old are you?
Sive: 24 years, turning 25 on the 10th of May.

Brat: Am I hearing a party calling?
Sive: All I can say do expect a party invite soon.
Brat: Ayeye must look for an outfit soon… Do you have a girlfriend?
Sive: I do have a girlfriend and happily in love with her.

Brat: What should we expect this year from you?
Sive: A Deep Soul Fire Extend Play (E.P) sometime in April it is a fusion of Maskandi and deep house, and expect an album in September.

The team


Brat: Where can people find you?
Sive: On facebook: Sive Msolo or contact me on 074 8357 442 or email:
The rest of the interview was a joystick and some giggles in between, and managed to join him and his team on the last few minutes of the show.


2 thoughts on “Moments with Sive Msolo by Brat

  1. i know and love Sive and the Deep Soul Fire crew to bits..thank you for introducing me to his world..keep up the good work guys…

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