We all know that the is no party without a venue (not really) but you get what I’m saying. Most of us we would have known about the night life of the city without clubs.
In this article I’m focusing on what you guys (some of you) think are the best, hottest place to be at in Cape Town.
First of all these are not the places I chose to be on the top 5 but what the people you party with think. However what is written in the whole article it is what I think.

Thee Jo'burg


In number 5 we have Jo’burg yep the one in Long Street, the shady one opposite Long Street café. I don’t what people see but they say it is where you have to be when you in Cape Town, maybe if you high on cocaine you can go there. 


In number 4 we got Marvel also in Long Street. If you really want to be offered drugs in a very ridiculous cheap price then go there and trust me I have been offered so many time same as Dudoo. But back in the days this place used to rock my world like Michael Jackson.

Chrome glow

At number 3 we got Chrome, it is situated in Pepper Street adjacent to Long Street. It used to be the best thing to happen to Cape Town on a Sunday when they had Candi Sunday’s and when you went there you always get satisfaction.
But what happens now?  I don’t know. Will Candi Sunday’s comeback? Ask Kenlow.

Cubana a.ka. KwaMamRubie


At number 2 we got Cubana also known as Kwa MamRubie these days, it is situated in Green Point in the pink village of Cape Town. Very nice place, bit classy but have the most arrogant and rude bouncers ever beside that while you still getting down and enjoying yourself it has a tendency of having power failure (Eskom!).

Zar and it's car

 At number #1 we got the new baby of Cape Town Zar. Classy, elegant, sophisticated and very expensive place to be at. It is also in Green Point situated in Somerset road under the wing of the Cape Royale Hotel.
I ask myself how many people do go there who voted for it to take the number One spot, oh well beside the students who go there every Thursday for students night and barely afford the drinks even if they on low prices.
Most of you might think that I’m hating. But really now Cape Town people! Please.
You should have seen other clubs people wanted to be in the top 5, I’m even scared to mention them.
Anyway that is all from me Brat and the Top 5 Clubs to Be or not to be  At in Cape Town. Until the next post.


15 thoughts on “CAPETOWN TOP 5 PLACES TO BE AT! by Brat

  1. I so disagree with this list of places to go to..or maybe if you changed the heading to worst places to go to…if you want to exclusive, this is my preference (Asoka Lounge, 15 On Orange Hotel, Azura Restaurant and Cocktail Bar, Café Sofia, Caprice Cafe, Karma Lounge Bar, Sapphire Cocktail Bar) the list is endless…I don’t think this list does justice to the beautiful, exclusive places we have in the Mother City….

    That’s just my opinion – worth 0.5c.

  2. Nana I disagree with you nam.. These are the worst places to go to except for Zar. Well I give Zar a few months and its going to be a shebeen.

    1. Still, I’m sure there’s lots of Exclusive (being the word) Clubs to go to in Cape Town…this list is so disappointing.

    2. @Diva Still, I’m sure there’s lots of Exclusive (being the word) Clubs to go to in Cape Town…hay shame this list is so disappointing.

    3. @Diva, correct me if I’m wrong but is Cubana a club or was it turned that way by the Shebeen goers from LoxionCulture…..*MeIncluded*

  3. Makathando you are right, there’s Azura, 15 on orange, one & only, asoka uhmmmm not sure. They very racist pha. There’s Caprice, Karma etc..

  4. Makathando you are right, there’s Azura, 15 on orange, one & only, asoka uhmmmm not sure. They very racist pha. There’s Caprice, Karma etc..

    And why did you leave rosies out?? LMAO. And Dudu’s?

  5. hahaha..kwaaa….maara mna chomie I want midnight..its my favourite club..on a serious know CT clubs dont last yaz..they start off well, and then they become sheebens and then they close down…..

  6. Was the blog only about places in the CBD or Cape Town as a whole ?

    And if I may ask which party people were consulted and how many ?

    And what were they asked ?

    Before I comment.

  7. well people, the places that are in this top 5 i did not choose them myself as i said so in this blog, so please talk to your fellow party people who goes to these places….LOL

    @ Xabiso and Dudoo if you knew that were on of the places that people putted on and many more

    To answer your question Miss-Fabulous the blog was about Cape Town as a whole but people chose the CBD places.
    I putted a post on Facebook and created a survey that went around asking people for their best places to party at in Cape Town, so the people who answered are the people who goes to these places.


    Love the interaction though mwaaaahziez

  8. Loooooooooool as for Marvel “offered drugs”…and JoBurg “u go there if you high” GEEEEEEZUS… lmao

    I disacree with the list

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