CT Scene – Khayelitsha House Lesson by Dudoo


This event I was looking forward to ever since I heard about it in March.  I mean Black Coffee, DJ Tira, DJ Fisherman (not so sure), alongside our Cape Town Legends DJ Pisce and Dj Kenlow, it’s bound to be a blast, right??? Oh well, the House Lesson event took place at Lookout Hill on 29 April, on a very cold Friday. The venue was changed from Mew Way to Lookout Hill, this was not properly communicated to the people because some people didn’t know about the change of venue. Enough about that, let’s get to the party.

So I rock-up at the event, ask for VIP section, and the lady at the gate was clueless. What VIP??? Yes, there was no VIP even though VIP tickets were sold…yintw’enjanileyo??? The attendance was not good at all , the venue was very empty, hardly 100 people, including the randoms. So sorry for not having a lot of pictures, there wasn’t much to work with. Not much fashion or glam – lack of relevance. Oh well, DJ Mili was on the decks when I rocked up, I love woman and I’m always supportive of them, maar uMili bored me shame, don’t know if she played for too long or what…but the crowd wasnt even moving to her music…  

DJ Pilot

DJ Pilot was on point, it was my first time hearing him play but he certainly got my  and the crowds attention, that was before the sound system went bam(moment of silence). That must be very fustrating  for a DJ because you lose momentum and the attention of the crowd, nevermind the disapproving looks you get….

DJ Kenlow

Legendary Cape Town DJ Kenlow took over the decks, he won me over by opening his set with Summerbreeze (I feel that song), the dance-floor started getting busy….Kenny didn’t disappoint…He actually livened up the party…Big Up to Him

DJ Tira on the decks

Then the ‘stars’ came, Tira managed to play something after disappearing for a while and leaving the DJ Box empty….nc..nc…He delivered though, the circle got bigger, you know how we do most elokishini.


Ay  Fisherman, I wasnt feeling him at all. I am not a DJ but I could swear he played one song for almost 10minutes. He didn’t even play his biggest hit ‘Happy Song’. Then it got worse as Black Coffee walked into the building while he was playing. All the focus shifted to Black Coffee. We were impatient and wanted Black Coffee to play….maara Fisherman, was that all??


Wow! Black coffee though, this man has never let me down, he delivered once again. The  noise when he walked in says it all, so much respect for this man. The dancefloor was on fire when he played.  We were all going crazy, even a good friend of mine(Miss….) was enjoying the blackcoffee…lol

Tira and BlackCoffee

The party just died as soon as Black Coffee finished playing. I guess some people followed him to his next gig.  DJ Pisce and DJ Grant Maestro played to finish off the party, with barely fifty people. By this time I was so exhausted and was missing my bed.

Grant Maestro(Hot Bod) and Miss Fabolous


Overall I had fun hey, but the turnout was not good, guess the fact that Black Coffee was also booked to play intown had some sort of effect …and  people should learn to be properly organised. When you sell VIP tickets, make sure there is VIP. When you change venue, make sure everyone knows. constant marketing of event helps. As much as we complain about the facebook inboxes, we read them and they remind us.

Miss Fabolous, DJ Pisce and DJ Anonimas


10 thoughts on “CT Scene – Khayelitsha House Lesson by Dudoo

  1. Nice man, big ups to black coffee, the man knows what he is doing thats why we buy his album and listen to all of his tracks. Watching him play live must be beautiful and entertaining…

  2. Nice blog Dudoo….thanks for updating the likes of us that missed out on this event. But by the looks of it, I didn’t miss much except to drool at Professor’s looks (mmhhh). Must say I’m disappointed at the turnout of the whole event…..I mean we had celebs eloxion….the damage fee was way too cheap….so why did people not attend? Lack of Marketing….I did not for once see this in Gugs or Nyanga…(e.g maphindis etc).
    Marimba on the other hand was a blast…same night as this event…Stoan, Speedy and DJ Oskido were on hook….

    1. haha, haibo Professor?? Maybe you mean Fisherman…lol…I only saw one poster eGugs…I guess the organisers will do better next time…not a house(sit-in) party…

  3. Thanx 4 the update big brother : Stop wanting to sleep & leav @ parties ul miss the big things 1 day lol: & we need full story 4rm beginin 2 end *Wink*

  4. @Kaundamuzical…it must have been THAT boring then for Dudoo to leave ubumnandi?!?~~….He’s the last to leave…….*wink*

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