Don’t freak out I’m not going to start preaching on how to eat healthy, even though I would love too,  the advertisers are already doing that job form me.
We all know that good health is very vital and especially now that the winter is approaching. It is also have been said with a healthy diet one can have a “happy life”. The word healthy goes with a certain image that is perceived by the society. If you a guy you are expected to have a rock tone body and if you a girl to have a slim figured body. However they don’t say anything about if you gay or lesbian. #hides
Anyway wherever we turn we see the word HEALTHY. YEP it is being pates in our faces everyday from day in, day out. We are bombarded by lots of these health diets such as THE FEEL FULL DIET, LOW-GI EATING PLAN, 7-days-feel-good menu plan etc. How do we get our heads around that? I mean who gets to decide who is a healthy person? And how does that person decide.
I’m one of the healthiest people you could find in Cape Town, well that is what people think and their reason is that because I’m a vegetarian, I don’t smoke, I don’t drink and I hardly eat junk. How that makes me healthy I don’t know.
I though let me go around asking people who are perceived to be healthy and this is what they had to say:

Sexy S'bu....Yummy

Brat: What is an ideal healthy person?
S’bu: It is a person who balance everything
Rey: Someone who eats well and healthily. Does exercise and take care of him/herself.
Sphe: Well I guess it is the perception of eating right and body shape.
Amy: Someone who cares about all health aspect, exercise and nutrition.
MacDonald: Someone who exercises and has a balance diet.
Sabi: Someone who feels comfortable in his/ her body not just physically but emotional.

"Mama Mia" Rey

Brat: What makes you think you a healthy person? 
S’bu: I eat anything, maybe the gym and rugby.
Rey: I exercise, play sport. Eat lots of healthy food and drink lots of water.
Sphe: Because I feel healthy.
Amy: I avoid junk food and I go to gym 5 times a week for an hour.
MacDonald: I try by all means to eat a balanced meal, I go to the gym everyday for an hour.
Sabi: From what I perceive inside to show on the outside.

sabiliato babe

Brat: Your ideal healthy food?
S’bu: Anything that my mom makes.
Rey: My sisters Ox Liver, gravy and pap.
Sphe: Muesli because it has Carbs and Fibre.
Amy: Yoghurt and Fruit.
MacDonald: Chicken, fish, rice, veggies and fruit, and 5-8 glasses of water.
Sabi: A diet that allows me to eat what I want in moderate portions.

Hunkilicious S'phe

Brat: What is the main healthy thing in your diet? 
S’bu: Carbs, High Protein and lots of vitamins.
Rey:  I drink lots of water and love veggies.
Sphe: Bread because it has carbs and fibre.
Amy: A well balanced meal.
MacDonald: Chicken.
Sabi: Anything that has carbs and proteins.

Amy not the Winehouse

Brat: Your healthy daily routine? 
S’bu: Jog every Tuesday and Thursday mornings, going to the gym everyday and taking supplements 5times a day.
Rey:  I eat all my meals but not excessively and drink 3glasses of water with every meal.
Sphe: going to the gym, eating yoghurt, eating 3meals a day and rugby.
Amy: Always eating breakfast and going to the gym.
MacDonald: Getting enough sleep, exercising a bit in the morning and eating my 3meals a day.
Sabi: Going to the gym for an hour and doing yoga.

Eatable MacDee....#Hungry for days

Well this is what they had to say and if it is true I don’t know but I say whatever you eat is healthy as long it makes you happy. Right… # Rolling my eyes
That is all from me Brat and my health inspection.



  1. Interesting stuff…I think I’m pretty healthy coz I walk each day, I’m a Pescetarian (I’m sorry veganism/strict vegetarianism but I need my fish!lol), I don’t think I drink as much water as I should though..mhm,,,<3 ❤ ❤ chocolate even if indenza ndiphathwe yinyongo…let's see, perhaps I'm not as healthy as I thought, lol. Love this article though, especially the cool nicknames the interviewees got :D!

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