The date was the 27th of May, the venue Cappello cpt and Yep you heard it everywhere friends it was Sisanda ‘Diva’ Ximbi party.

This is one party everyone who is in the known even those who are not was looking forward to.
CTVibes rocked up at 10pm, and that is not our time to arrive at the party but that is when the party start for us. When we got to Cappello the place was packed inside, everyone came out to play. Ladies in their heels,  dresses and some not dressed at all for the party, they looked as if they are going to one of the spazas in Khayelitsha.

As we arrived we headed straight for the VIP, Le Roux champagne was served for everyone to drink , platters of food to eat and that was Dudoo’s favourite spot to dance around  #ncncnc.  
So many people tried their luck to get in at the VIP but the bouncer at the door knew his job very well, his securitation was tighter than the polsmoor security force. Even if you knew someone who is in the VIP if you not in the guest list, you don’t get in. #Kwaaaa

This was different from any party Ms. Diva is known to host over the years cause now she was giving away shoes from Birinbau Italian Footwear to the best dress lady. I think she could teach Bonang a thing or two about what kind of shoes should be given away not what she gave away to the poor girls at St Yves the day before anyway andikho apho, one lucky lady did walk away home drunk and with a pair of shoes on her hand.

A party in Cape Town is not a party without drama, well we had our little drama from so called celebrities of cpt. Did you think I would forget that part??? Well I guess he was brushing up on his acting skills for his next play or series. Hayi shame bow down for the Mr. Drama, that was not necessary #SMH

The Dancer

The rest was music, dance, and drinking till the doors were close. Now I bet everyone can’t wait to see what Ms. Diva has in store for next year party.


That is all from me Brat till the next post ;)….


VIP Wana bees
DJ Mbacu
DJ Grant(Muscles)
Miss Diva Baby!








7 thoughts on “MISS DIVA BDAY PARTY by Brat

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