Moments with DJ Wonder by Brat

He is an upcoming, young and fresh Deejay who has made his mark in Cape
Town. The 23year old Moeketsi Mohlodi is one of  Cape Town personalities.

This young man, born and bred in Springfontein, Free State, came to Cape
Town to get  better education. Well that’s
what his parents thought,  little did
they know that their little boy was on a mission of his own. His parent didn’t
approve of this whole deejay concept but he was about to convince them
otherwise. He has always known that he will be in the music industry, but he
didn’t know where and when.

Joining Ratanang Entertainment was one of the wisest choices he has ever made, career wise. To form a great
platform, he got exposed to bigger events and even landed his own gigs.  His big break came when he performed in an
event which was held at The Ostrich Farm. Things went uphill from then, from
getting bookings for matric ball after parties, club events to local house
parties, it was hectic but he loved it. Wonder shared sets with well known Deejays
in the industry and even started promoting for Brand House (Smirnoff) and
Distell (Savanna), he was living his dream.

He later decided to branch out of Ratanang and do his own thing as he
has formed his own fan base and he was willing to take the risk. Going solo, he
convinced  local radio stations like UCT radio, valley FM, Bush radio and
Good Hope FM to air his mixes which gave him a lot of exposure . He was also 1
of the finalist for a deejay competition for a radio station (Heart 104.5fm),
this boy is committed .Wonder recently launched a new project called The Usual
Suspects which aims at growing upcoming Deejays and providing quality events.

His now (2011) currently compiling mix’s for local radio stations, still
coordinating events, sponsored and a part of the Red bull team.

I ,your Only Brat , got to chat with him and this is how it rolled:

Brat: How did the name came about?

Wonder: I first started having about 5 deejay names before I decided on
wonder, reason being is I always wonder what’s my next step, and always wonder
about important things in life. I find the name suitable for any race or culture
as everyone can pronounce it ! But mainly the name was inspired by 1 of the
best tunes I liked back in the days ‘called’ Go to wonderland.

Brat: Your real name?

Wonder: Moeketsi Mohlodi

Brat: How did it all start, being a Deejay?

Wonder: In 2006, the love of music & the passion kicked in. I started
collecting records in 1998. My parents mostly inspired me as they are music

Brat: Tell me what goes through your mind when you on the decks?

Wonder: At that moment in time when I deejay I feel like I’m in heaven, I
find peace… nothing beats the feeling, I can’t even explain. It’s just mixed

Brat: What do you do besides being a Dj?

Wonder: When I’m  not deejaying,  I’m planning events for the future, hustling
for gigs, do promotions for other well known brands and spend time with friends
and family.

Brat: Which one do you enjoy the most and why?

Wonder: Deejaying because it’s my life and can’t live without it, It’s
basically what makes me happy

Brat: What is student events about?

Wonder: It’s all about events, promotions marketing and entertainment as
a whole! It’s not my concept, it belongs to my friends that are assisting me in
building my brand.

Brat: Are you dating anyone?

Wonder: Yes I’m in a relationship

(Girls his taken so… Hands off!)

BraT: Who is your role model?

Wonder: My mom and dad

Brat: What makes you different from other Deejays?

Wonder: My hunger, drive and passion for music puts me above my peers.
Putting all of this into account, I am here to change the landscape of the
entertainment industry.

Brat: What can we expect from you in 2011?

Wonder: Simply the best… quality events, interviews and anything big to
boost the DJ WONDER Brand!

Brat: What is your take on Cape Town entertainment industry?

Wonder: Cape Town is way behind… there is no unity among deejays and
promoters! We are not doing much or enough to be on a high level! There is a
lack of resources and opportunities for up and coming talents. It’s a sad story
don’t want to say much

Brat: What do you do in your spare time?

Wonder: Go out with friends, spend time with family! But I believe me
I’m a workaholic lol

Brat: Your favourite CT hangout spot?

Wonder: Long street cafe, mzoli, there’s quiet a few hey.

Brat: What keeps you going?

Wonder: Passion, money and the enthusiasm

Brat: Where can people get hold of Deejay Wonder?




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