One on One with Redbutton by Brat

He is young, fresh, talented and taking the Hip Hop industry by  storm with his powerful lyrics and attitude. This boy is really going far and he has FINALLY arrived to share with us his music. He is the first artist to be signed under the MFE (Money First Entertainment) record label under the wing of  one of  respected artists and producers in the music industry PRO.He is also managed by one of the youngest managers,  Mpho Matsoaledi under Bentey Records and Management.

I’m talking about the one and only Red Button, who was here in Cape Town for his album launch ‘FINALLY’ at Marimba CTICC on the 19th of November this past weekend.

On Friday when he arrived I managed to score some time with him.

Yes! I couldn’t let him come to our CPT and not have a chat with the Brat. That would be a sin*hides*.

This is how the one-on-one rolled:

Brat: Tell me about Red Button

R.B: He is just a simple guy from ekasi in Soweto, grew up listening to Hip Hop music  in the 90 and till today Hip Hop is in me.

Brat: How did the name Red Button came about?

R.B: A friend of mine gave me the name a long time ago because I’m just like a red button that you don’t take note of but something unexpected happens when you touch it.

Brat: Your real name?

R.B: Its Neo Modise

Brat: In this album who did you work with?

R.B: I have with various producers

–        PRO

–        Old spark, an upcoming producer and he is going to take over in the next coming years.

–        Leo Large

–        And myself … LOL!

And I also featured

–          Jack Parow

–          Stan1

–          PRO

–          K.O

–          J.R

–          Samkelo

–          T.P

–          And SFS.

Brat: How long did it take you to make this album?

R.B: four to five months, it was a great journey really enjoyed it. There was no deadline so I didn’t rush when working on it.

Brat: Who is your mentor in the industry?

R.B: Definitely PRO, his been more than a mentor to me he is more like a brother because his been there for me through the making of this whole album.

Brat: How did you get your big break?

R.B: I was in one of my gigs, doing my thing on stage and it turned out that PRO was there and he spotted me and the rest is history.

Brat: What makes you different from other artists?

R.B: Most of the other artists  don’t rap about real stuff like everyday life and their experiences which is something that I do as an artist.

Brat: Any other CPT artist you would like to work with besides the one you’ve worked with?

R.B: Yeah! The Driemanskaap

Great stuff recognizing!!!

For everyone who doesn’t know the album has been out since the 24th of June so go ahead and get your copy.

To all you ctvibers, stay tune for his album launch post by Dudoo.

From me your one and only Brat, stay captivated mwaaaaah xoxoxo


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