Moments with Kaunda Muzical by Dudoo

Oh well, this is a way overdue interview, our schedules were clashing for a while as I’d planned to have moments with this young man two months ago. But I’m glad we only managed to catchup now cause a lot has happened in the last two months. Yeah, I decided to have a session or moment with DJ Kaunda Muzical. This is it….


 Besides being a DJ, who is Kaunda?

Kaunda is your average, ordinary guy from Guguletu looking for success in the entertainment world. Someone who loves laughter and people. The more you get to know him, the more you’ll know he’s all about fun

 Is the  Muzical  in your name new? Ive only noticed it recently.

Muzical is a Concept. If u remember there is Kaunda the politician ,well this one is your most muzical one hahaha! Well Muzical is a name I came up with to diversify Kaunda from the old hype attached to him to the more matured crowd. It is also a way of expressing to the market that this Kaunda(Muzical) Can drop any genre in house and you’ll love it.

Ive always known you as Kaunda the Ratanang DJ that got teens all crazy, but I noticed a shift in 2011, some sort of growth and you reaching a wider audience. Was this shift planned or did it just occur?

This move has always been my desire, sometimes things start happening and you don’t notice because they happen when u least expect them. Now that I’ve seen the opportunities, I’m chasing them like a soccer player chasing posts. All in all this shift is planned and I’m going for maturity

What did u take with you from the Ratanang or the previous years? 

Actually I have learned a lot as a DJ and as a person from the company. I’ve also learned that individual growth as an artist is more important, because when the company falls the artist must still stand.

 How would you define or describe the kind of music you play?

I’m one of the most diverse DJ in the genre of house music all I can say is I MIX! Haha!

You had Friday nights at Cappello a couple of months ago. What happened to that venture?

Cappello and I were on different pages at the time, however I still intend on working with that team . That is one lovely team.

And then you dropped some mixes for people to download, that was a good move, it made me and Im sure other people appreciate your talent. We could listen to your mixing outside the club environment and recognise your skill or talent. How did you come up with that idea? How is it going?

It has been going great till now, I discovered a desire from my supporters that want to listen to me play as much as possible and I love to make them smile. They are not fans but supporters and I love you guys a lot!

 I see you are now being booked all over, in all kinds of there a team pushing the Kaunda Muzical brand or are you flying solo? Hopefully you can explain to peeps Im not your publicist or manager…tltl

 Nope There is no team pushing “Kaunda Muzical” yet.  There is a team pending for next year I’m making the brand larger.

Any chance of dropping an album?

Nope, not yet.  I would actually love to   but  there is still more to be done.

  Deejays you respect in Cape Town?

DJ Pisce,DJ Kenlow The late DJ’s Slender & Phura may ur souls RIP, Loyd & P.h .Keep pushing Boys. The heavens are the limit, the list goes on!

   I know for a fact(I’ve been stalking you) that you have a girlfriend.  Loved your tweet a week or so ago in which you thanked her for her support. Deejays are often labeled as womanisers and struggle to keep a relationship. How did you guys manage to last so long? How do you handle all the groupie(excluding me..haha)? Ill be waiting for that wedding pressure

My Gf is my pride and joy .  I’m not ashamed to share that. She has done a lot more than being just a GF, it took a lot to convince her that I come in peace. I will not talk for other DJs but I’ll advise them “Ego Is Dangerous at some point” stay  humble. About the wedding you will be invited and it will be private for personal reasons.

For you, what sets the CT social/party scene apart from the rest of the country?

From what I have learned throughout the years in comparison to other cities, Cape Town has a long walk to walk.

 Do you feel we are doing enough to grow the CT scene?

The challenge is not with us ,its what the people want.  The sooner we realize that cultures change only then will we be doing enough.  If they want me everywhere , they will have me there “ I am For people by people”

So I see youve been dropping mixes on Good Hope FM. Whats that all about?

Yes Yes Yeeees! That’s Kaunda Muzical going forward and chasing a dream. Its high time I grow my family from where it is now ( I want more!).  Every Tuesdays For the rest Of December On Goodhope FM 95.3 Mother city stand up the skinny DJ on the block & Live on Radio! From 12-3pm.

  But you need to give me Deejaying lessons hey, Ill give you dance lessons..when is the first lesson?lol

hahahahahaha! How does never sound like hahahah! Joking we can arrange time

How has 2011 been to you?

Life Changing Experiences Only, all I can say is  “God Is Good”

 What can we expect from you in 2012?

I think I talk too much, 2012 will be the year I do less talking and more implementation

What  your advice to upcoming Deejays?

Respect : Appreciate & Stay Humble

Those were my moments with skinny, funny and talented Kaunda Musical. For Bookings and Mixtapes downloads you can email him on, Add him on Facebook: Kaunda Muzical. Follow him on twitter: @KaundaMuzical and on Soundcloud: KaundaMuzical.

We love and appreciate Cape Town Talent


4 thoughts on “Moments with Kaunda Muzical by Dudoo

  1. For as long as I have known Kaunda he has had a passion for music. He wanted to become a DJ before it became a career people recognised. He has remained down to earth and creates a crazy vibe in clubs and at picnics. We have mad fun when you dj boss, keep making us proud and representing Gugs 🙂

  2. Beautiful interview my friend I am touched.
    I am glad that you are accomplishing soo much, I’ll always continue to support and love you through it all.

    PS: I am still waiting on our tshirt that says “We love dj Kaunda”

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