DJ Blanka wins Strongbow Regional DJ Competition by Dudoo

Yes he was featured on CTVibes early last year, we know how to spot talent. DJ Blanka sealed 2011 with winning the Strongbow DJ competition. The Finals and battle was held at Chippas Place on the 18 of December 2011. We had to chat with him and find out how he feels after winning the competition.

 How did you hear about the competition?

I saw a post on twitter and I followed the link I think it was three days before the competition closed.
What made you interested in entering for the competition?

I love DJ’ing whether it be competing or just plain performing.

 What do you think made you win the competition?

Individualism , practising and doing research about the crowd I was going to perform for. As a DJ  one of the best thing you can do is doing enough research to get to understand your crowd.
Competitions can be quite hectic hey, how do you handle the pressure?

The aim is to focus on entertaining the crowd  and having as much fun with them as possible… also incorporate yourself in the performance as much as possible….”black coffee once told never to be tense in a competition , I should have fun and just enjoy myself” so I took those words and did exactly as I was told.


When you were announced as the winnner, what went through your mind?How did you feel?

At first it was quite overwelming hearing people scream your name, its also very humbling to know how much people appreciate what you do.

What are you bringing to the national that different? That would make you win.

Its going to super fresh, I’ll be bringin a fresh new flavour.
Anything you want to share with the Cape Town Public?

I Love Cape Town, I appreciate all the love people of Cape Town and people like CTVibes and all those that listen and appreciate  the music I  play.

Love you Dudooooo

Love you too Blanka…No Homo…hahaha…We wish him all the best for the future. Let us support our Cape Town Talent.  Follow Blanka on twitter @blankamazimela and add him on facebook:


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