Moments with Jabu by Brat

Very young, spontaneous and well driven. This is a young woman that is taking the Cape Town fashion industry by  storm with her unique and vibrant designs.

This young lady who is still in varsity finishing her studies has shared the stage with the likes of Thoki Tafeni (2011 Fast Track winner at CPT Fashion week), Kepi Mngomezulu from smartez, Jamakazi from Strato and many more. She has showcased at Cape Town Fashion week 2011. This young lady is going far and other designers should watch out for her.

Ladies and Gentlemen the 21year old Jabu Pumeza Mkhonza is one of CPT personalities and I had a chat with her and it went down like this:

Who is Jabu and where is she from?

 Jabu is a very happy person who was born in Mthatha and then in 1993 moved toCape Town. She is a Fashion design student at CPUT, she  has always been interested in Arts and Design.

How did it all came about?

It started when I use to help my mom prepare an outfit for work every day, then from there it became part of me and on top of that my dad is an architect so that is where my love for fashion and drawing came about.

How long have you been part of the fashion industry?

 Well it has been 4years as a student and 3years as an active person in the industry.


What is the inspiration behind  your kind of design?

 Because I live inAfrica and there is a lot of war happening within it, so my inspiration comes from that and other social issues that we face.

What or who is your muse?

Everyday people that surround me

In the industry it is Alek Wek who is a Sudanese British model.

What goes through your mind when you design?

Well, the use of that particular clothes – what is it gonna be used for,     how it feels, the quality, texture  etc

What do you do besides being a designer?

 I’m a blogger and a student.

Which of these do you enjoy the most?

 Being a student because I do what I like which is designing things and at the same time I’m studying.

Dating anyone?

Yeah we have been dating for 10months now.

What makes Jabu different from other designers?

I don’t spit out the norm, I try to deviate from cliché

Favourite Designer?

Vivian Westwood, she is very traditional with her design but she thinks out of the box, I see myself in her.

Who would you like to work with in the future?

 Butan wear and everyone that showcased at Africa Arise.

All times favourite tune?

Hahahaha its Beyonce- Dangerously inlove

Favourite hangout spot?

 Neighbourhood at Long Street. It has a great vibe and also the cocktail special is on point. Hahahaha #Hides

If you could change your career for a day, what would you be?

Well I guess I would be in performing arts.

If you could be a politician, who would you be and why?

Julius Malema but sew my mouth shut!

What do you think of CPT entertainment industry?

 It’s booming, here in CPT entertainment is for everyone not like in other places where it is very exclusive.


What can we expect from Jabu in 2012?

 I might start my own brand, something commercial and unisex

Where can people find you?

On Facebook: Jabu Pumeza Mkhonza

That is all from me your only Brat, keep it locked on Cape Townvibes.xoxoxo


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