Met Afterparty at Marimba by Dudoo – 28 January 2012

Lorna Maseko, Nthato Mashishi, Bonang Matheba

After the Met its the After party hey, oh well, we decided to hit the after party at Marimba. I got there so tired from all the walking around at the MET but I was so ready to have some fun.  Bonang Matheba, Ayanda Makhuzeni were the big guests on the lineup, and DJ Cindo was going to be on the decks.

DJ KaundaDJ CindoDJ Kenlow

I got there after 10pm and there was already a crowd, guess people wanted the best seats in the house. The usual Marimba crowd was there, with a couple of new faces. DJ Kaunda did wonders on the decks as always, he gets better everytime I listen to him, you’d swear he plays for me *giggles*. DJ Cindo was even better than the last time I heard her play, I m starting to love her even more, she is growing musically. Legendary DJ Kenlow also rocked the crowd, got me dancing like crazy. Overall, the music was good.

Bonang and FanLorna Maseko and Fan

Moving over to the fashion, oh well, I didnt focus much on this because it was a party, not another MET. I didnt even change my MET outfit and I wasnt the only one. Of course the usual stylistas dressed up and showed up.

Lorna and Somizi

Bonang(looking good as always), Somizi, Nthato, Bujy, Ayanda Makuzeni, Koyo Bala and gorgeous Top Billing Presenter Lorna Maseko rocked up after Midnight. The crowd got so excited and the guests spent over an hour taking pics with the crowd.  The love people have for Ms Matheba hey, I wonder if she doesnt get overwhelmed at times. We continued partying and dancing till the end. It was a good afterparty.

I and DJ Kaunda


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