Moments with Deejay Siya House Maestro by Dudoo

It took me forever to do this interview, its not everyday where one is asked to interview someone that is so fine and sweet. Yeah I had a crush on him a while back… *hides*. I met Dj Siya about 3years ago in my days of being a party animal. I recognized the talent and fine looks too, but it took me a while to know the real Siya. Well here are my moments with Dj Siya House Maestro

Who is Siyasanga Jack?

Siyasanga Jack yintwana yasetown but not ucheezboy lol who fell in love with house music

How did you get into Deejaying?

I startd playing music in a funniest way ever, we had a get together with the boys and the dj stood us up that night and that is when I started this journey of music

You are studying Retail Management at CPUT right? How do you juggle being a full-time student and a DJ?

Lol! when you are passionate about something you always find a way to balance things because both of these are my passion

How do you prep before you go out and play?

Honestly I don’t prepare anything mna I just observe the crowd.

Your most memorable experience as a DJ?

When I played in the same stage with Dj Zintle and Kent at Miss Cput.

DJs have to deal with so many do you handle them?

I’m gonna be honest with you I used to get excited a lot at first but now I take my job very seriously so I have a policy of not mixing business with pleasure

Did you know I had a huge crush on you?lol

LOL! Wow now I know hahahaha

You’ve recently been blessed with a baby making you now officially a father. How’s fatherhood so far?

WOW! man it is a blessing from above he is just my world, he have changed the way I see life on every angle and sleepless nights are part of the change hahahaha

Getting married anytime soon??

Honestly speaking I’m not ready for that kind of commitment yet, but the is someone in mind when I’m ready though *smiling*

What makes you different from other DJs?

I am more of a Dj with surprises cause you  can’t define my set I just blow you away LOL!

Skinny or Thick ladies?

Skinny will do the trick for me, sorry to the full figure ladies *smiling*

Commercial or DeepHouse?

A bit of both hey depends on da mood

Dudoo or Brat?lol

Seeing that you guys are both hot, I will take both of you guys…LOL!

What do people don’t know about Siya?

What people don’t know about uSiya is that I’m a humble guy with a big heart lol, no one should take advantages though.

Thanks to the lovely and fine Siya 

For bookings you can contact him on 07859 64715 and you can catch him at platinum lounge every weekend malibabe ibanana… Also you can check him on Facebook: Siya  House Maestro.

Aaaah, enjoyed this interview. Lookout for Dj Sia House Maestro Cape Town, his taking over.

Oh ladies I would love to give you his number but he is taken…hahaha…


14 thoughts on “Moments with Deejay Siya House Maestro by Dudoo

  1. Aah I know the guy, he’s super cool. Used to hang out with his crew when I was ambassador. I think they used to call themselves “S’fun uba Happy Entertainment”….and’kho sure but I think so… Kwaaaaaa, I too had a crush on the guy! All the best chap ye

  2. I’m glad you made it so far and hey he is sweet n fun to be with. He knows how to use his talent and girls yes the dude is “FIND” I dnt blame your’ll having a crush on him

  3. khawubethe Dj Siya…..ingane zineCrush……..Catch him today guys at Platinum Loung, he will b doin wat he daz best. (wtch is to make us happey wth house music). kobaba ibanana

  4. He forgot to mention me. I’m de one who introduced him to music. When he was still doin grade 7 in camden. Mp province. Liyababa ibanana

  5. How do you prep before you go out and play?

    Honestly I don’t prepare anything mna I just observe the crowd.

    Real Talk!!!

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