One-on-One with Gift Gwe by Dudoo

Who is Gift Gwe? (Background info)

-Gift Gwe is a 2005 Idols 1st runner-up. SAMA and Metro Award Nominee
for 2008 for his 1st R&B Soul album. Gift is a singer, songwriter and

When did your love for music start?

-I don’t remember. I think I was 2 when I fell in love with music.
It started at church.

What have you been up to since Idols 2005?

– been performing for corporations at corporate events, year end
functions, Christmas parties, weddings, club, etc. Released my debut album in 2007, which got a SAMA and Metro award nominee in 2008. From 2010
only released Mix-tapes and radio singles like. Feeling good,
hambanami, give ft maraza and (still to come) Never letting go

Why did you decide to move to Cape Town?

– Cape Town is the mother of many great musicians. This is the hub of
jazz, soul and R&B so for me that means growth.

What can we expect in your upcoming album?

– I’ve stretched myself to a new level as a performer and as an
artist. I have more Xhosa songs to cater for my growing Xhosa and Zulu
market. My fans can expect some new vocal and production experiments.
If they’re not afraid to listen to something new. Then this is it, but
I got to warn you. This music will make wanna love somebody… The
album is called Soulidbrotha

What do you think makes a song a hit?

– If it can move you from the first time you hear it. People can sing
along easily. Then it’s on the right track…

You have a Valentines Day event coming up this Sunday. Please tell me more
about the event.

– My valentine’s concert is this Sunday 12 February. Venue is Mzantsi
Lounge in Parklands and it starts at 8pm. Tickets are R50/per person.
I’ll be performing with my live band, Veesoul, St Emmo, Amnity and a few
others. One thing I can assure; no one leaves my concerts un-entertained.
My passion for what I do goes before me.

Do you have a valentine? Lol

– Nope! Lol! No valentine Plans either. Just working on my music all the way…

Can we expect a tour around the country?

– Yeah! We’re planning on something like. Especially tertiary, clubs
and lounges all over the country.

Who would you like to work with in future?

– A lot of people. I like to diversify my style by fusing with other
talents, but quite a few guys would it for me if I can round it off to
only. Bilal and Will Smith…. Bilal because he is unpredictable; Will
Smith because he’s the hardest working man I know.

Don’t you want to do a duet with me? I can hit the high notes you know… Lol.

– Didn’t know you can sing hey. Let me hear you sing first. Hehehe!

When am I getting my ‘free’ copy of your album? Lol

– In May my new album WILL be ready.

Movies or Sport?

– Movies

Beyonce or Rihanna?

– Beyonce… Most def, I envy that bloody Jay-Z

Thank you Gift, can’t wait to hear your upcoming album

You can follow Gift on twitter @OfficialGiftGwe, and add him on
Unfortunately his website is still under construction


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