Moments with Bigg Fun by Dudoo



I bumped into this  crew a couple of weeks ago in the twitter streets.  I decided to find out more about them last week, here goes my moments with Trendy, Spoilt DJ, AyaProw, Dejavu and Laphiro Maniak:

So a group of guys working together. How did that happen?

We started out as a group of 13 in 2008,and ended up with the last 5 remaining members. The idea was to become an events company and dj’s at the same time,but as time
went on and being the last 5 that shared a vision, we just fell in love with making music. So in 2009 we started making music, which we really became serious about in 2010.

I dig the Bigg Fun name. Who came up with it?

The original name was Soul-Solutionz,upon company registration the biggest was the 2nd name choice and thats how we became bigg-fun.Lol..

What kind of music do u produce? 

Urban house. Deep tech,Afrotech,commercial-tech,afro-deep,afrO-electro & bigg-fun music

Working in a group must have its problems. How do u guys overcome them?

We fight a lot(verbally),but we Bigg Fun so we laugh a lot even during an argument. One thing we have trained ourselves to do is to make every negative a positive despite the situation at hand. We laugh our way out of anything.Lol.

Your musical influence/inspiration?

We inspired by our differences, yet our similarities, we driven by the musical situation in Cape Town, so we strive to put it in the map .Our lives also play a major role on how we feel and think,So basically music makes us go on a high and make something new.

For those that don’t know the difference. What’s the difference between being a Producer and a DJ?

Deejays have a job because of producers. Producers get fame because of dj’s simplicity dj’s play music & producers make the music.

So you guys are probably celebs, if you are not, you will definitely be after this you handle the groupie love? 

Lol..we will always be ourselves, we are down to earth and we treat people equaly.So we just yaaaa,we don’t focus on that really..

Your favourite SA Producers?

Crazy white-boyz, DJ Cleo, DJ Clock, Kent, and Rowick Deep.

Are ya’ll single? I’m sure the ladies would love to know.

A:hahahahahah! ehhh yooooo! mmmmm!!!some of us are.*hint*…

Your biggest highlight as a group? 

Doing a live perfomance at Mzoli’s last year, releasing on Beatport, Junodownloads, itunes 5 tracks, namely Kalimba(Cape Town), LoNely, Morning Breeze, The deeper drum & Oondaba. Ohh!  and recently winning with our 30minutes with Bigg Fun mixtape(Production only) on Mhlobo Wenene FM. There’s plenty more to come that’s for sure!

Which Cape Town vocalist/Deejay/Producer would you like to work with? I’m a good singer(I wish) just so you

mmmm!!dat we didn’t know Lol…

We really would love to work with the duo of Cape Town Crazyboy(Soul Candy), Lungelo(TSRecords), Nomfusi(Vocalist) and work more with Bellz(Bigg Fun’s Poet & Vocalist)..The list is endless.

To Aya: Yellow bones or dark beauties?

A:Lol.!!! Both but to me the beauty is within.

To Laphiro: Your Current Favourite SA Song?

Bigg Fun-(Morning Breez) available on Beatport, Junodownloads,

To Spoilt DJ: Why spoilt DJ? UnguBhut Malekese nah?lol

A: Noooo!! Lol.. Just a childhood name that got stuck.

To Trendy: Deep or Tribal House?

A: Obviously has to be deep house.

To Dejavu; What’s your take on the Cape Town Entertainment scene?

Yases! Mmm!Cape Town Entertainment is like democracy, every one for himself. Cape Town is growing but people don’t want to work together, there’s a lot of politics people just don’t want to work together. We need to work together, only then will South Africa take Cape Town seriously.

What can we expect from Bigg Fun in 2012 and in the next 5years?

Expect a lot appearance’s on Radio, TV, Blogs , you name it we are going to be there!!! A lot of growth, in terms of where we are, and where we want to be. We are going to rock a lot of events this year. In the next 5years you  can expect an album from us that’s for sure hopefully more than one… All in all expect a bright future and nothing but good music..

How can people get hold of Bigg Fun?

A:Bookings, ..On Facebook our Fan page Bigg Fun Movement on twitter @Biggfunfam @Laphiro_Maniak @AYAPROW @asanda87  for our free tracks and Mixes

Those were my few moments with the crazy Bigg Fun fam. I would like to wish them all the best for the future….all love.


12 thoughts on “Moments with Bigg Fun by Dudoo

  1. Ncoooow I love you guys Spoilt sana please represent iMakhaya ndinithembile nonke phofu and represent iRiver aswell *winx* I’m proud of you guys big ups

  2. Well Done boys , raw talent and cape town should sit up and listen THIS IS BIG-FUNN MOVEMENT on the 1 and 2 ……*

    Wonder who took the pic

    1. wowww u guyz r talented mke cpt proud, definately goin places. BIGG up *all of e BESTEST!! mwa mwa ❤

  3. Im DigGn This Group Too Much.. Great Things Coming From You Guys.. Spoilt Represent Brother. Much Admiration From This Fan.

  4. Wow must say that I’m a proud sister to all of yall shame Lol about the laughing at every situation be it good or bad that’s true lol and hey I remember how big soul solution was but what’s Ironic is Bigg Fun few members but big hearts! Haha yes well keep shining big bros love yall

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