One-on-One with Donald by Brat

Album —->Train of Love

The 27year old Donald Moatshe is one of the hottest singers at the moment, music wise and the physic Lol! He gets ladies going crazy everywhere he goes and I say this as a witness. Man got talent for days….

With his 2nd hit single Denial killing the waves right now, this guys is aiming for something big.

He is recently in Cape Town for a Media Promotional Tour for his first album Train of love that is so far selling like hot cakes, and I, your Brat got some me and him time to chat. We met at the lovely Cappello in Long Street and this is how it went down:

Him and The Ladies

What brings you to Cape Town?

I’m here in Cape Town on a Media promotional Tour, pretty much doing interviews with all sort of communication media.

Why Cape Town?

Actually I have been doing the Media Tour in every major city so Cape Town was my next destination on the list of this tour.

What is this tour all about?

It is because people like to see what they feel and hear, and not all the time they are going to understand you. So through this they can get a sense of knowing me and not just my music because sometimes people may know your music but don’t the person behind it… Plus at the end of the day these are the people who listen to my music.

Donald and Hugo

Who is Donald?

Generally what makes Donald is the passion and I sing what I feel, hence my album is all about my life story

Who found Donald? where?

Well I have worked with lots of artist such as Malaika, Kelly Khumalo, Zonke, Slikour, Kwela Tebza etc. Then I was signed into a recording company Will of Steel Productions but I didn’t get my break from them so I left and started my own company D-Exclusive in 2011 and this is where I did everything and my album. So it is Donald who found and made Donald.

How long have you been in the industry?

I have been in the industry for 8years, but I guess fame was not ready for me…LOL!

Myself and Donald 😛

Dating anyone?

No I’m single and ready to mingle

Any Performances while you in Cape Town?

Nope, just meeting up media and interacting with people and to get to know the vibe of Cape Town. But I will be back at the end of the month for two gigs one on the 23rd and maybe another one on the 28th.

What can we expect from you by the end of this year?

My 3rd single that will be coming out at the end of October and I have been nominated for the Channel O Awards for the Best New Comer.

Word to your fans?

I love them a lot, without them I pretty much don’t have a job and I want thank them for singing along to my songs, learning my lyrics, and buying my music.

Donald and Fans

Boo, Booty, Legs?

I love booty; I’m a black man after all. Lol!

You can follow Donald on twitter to catch up with his where about at: @DonaldInDenial

That’s all from me Brat till next time, smooch on the cheek… You are in Denial (Singing)


9 thoughts on “One-on-One with Donald by Brat

  1. Damn donald u r da south african NEYO ur hits go way down deep inside my thots.
    Hala @ us wen u hv a gig in durban.
    Since m ur number 2fan cumin after ur mum I’ll b sure to buy da ticket……n ryt nw m over da moon.singin

  2. Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow and more wows u jst make me drop a tear we got alike experiences of love(i deserve) i ended up out of the game bt denial(ur song) rose me again bt still no love. Bt thanks u gave me hope again hugs and kisses to donald

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