Introducing eXhoza

Index,Cycastiq,Primetime, Rabeezy
Index,Cycastiq,Primetime, Rabeezy

eX-Hoza is a versatile hip-hop group from Khayelitsha, Cape Town. Founded 6 years ago by the four members, the group has grown at large having broken many boundaries, with their style of music fuses influences from electro, rock, house and kwaito.

In 2011 they released their 1st mixtape titled “Medal of Swag”, which had a great response from fans. As a result the mixtape was sold out, which earned them popularity in the Western and Eastern Cape regions. “Medal of Swag” also got airplay from many community radio stations around the country having played three of the singles from the mixtape. The success of the mixtape sparked waves to many event organisers, which led to the crew sharing stages with some of South Africa’s finest artists like Teargas, Tumi & The Volume and AKA just to name a few.

068The group has also appeared on SABC2s youth program Hectic Nine9 show where they were interviewed and performed their hit single “Mali Yonke”. The group’s reputation is slowly but surely building up as they were also invited to perform at the Hansa Pilsener Special Ingredient Search, where they made it into the top 60 and from there they made it into the top 10. The show was a success and left the crowd lost for words.

2012 was yet another great year for the young musicians, having performed at many festivals such as the Gugulethu Beer & Whisky Festival, The City Of Cape Towns Youth Day festival and many more. As 2012  neared its end eX-Hoza released the 2nd musical inspiration, a mixtape titled M.A.F.I.A, “MUSIC AND FAME IN AFRICA”. Just like the previous mixtape M.A.F.I.A did cause a big wave for the group as its journey in the music industry continues. This opened yet more possibilities for the young musicians, 1st was a local clothing brand MOS NATIVE CLOTHING offering them an opportunity to be part of their ambassador’s team then they were also featured in the November issue of Rolling Stone Magazine.

0102013 is now here and  they still set on our journey to being Africa’s finest. This year the mission is to grow the eX-Hoza brand nationally not only on the music forefront but also as the youth ambassadors for our community & the youth of our beloved country. Recently the group featured on a song by one of Nigeria’s upcoming artists known as SkypFour, the song is a hit on Nigerian radio & has gone beyond 20 000 downloads on which well shows that the group is on the right track on its endeavours.

Anele (Primetime) Mbauli, Adwela (Cycastiq) Ntombini,
Nkululeko (iNDEX) Dlomo, and  Luvo (Rabeezy) Nqayana

258Facebook: eX-Hoza La Familia
Twitter: @eXHozaLaFamilia


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