Phillips Care Touch Launch

CTVibes 3On the 15th of May the CTVIBES team made its way to 15 On Orange, African Pride Hotel for the Phillips Care Touch Launch.  The decor was amazing, the music was breath taking. We were welcomed by the lovely lady from Jenni Newman Public Relations with cocktails to die for and wonderful food, unfortunately we don’t drink so we had no business with the Martinis. LOL!

CTVibes 4The event was hosted by the handsome, dashing brother Siv Ngesi, I must say he definitely lights up the room even though he is dark.  Plus what would be the night without some laughter.

CTVibes 6According to Phillips the Care Touch shaver is designed to reduce ingrown hairs to give you smooth skin every day – wet or dry. I guess which guy wouldn’t want that as part of their grooming tools, it helps with their macking game. Hahaha! *hides*

We managed to meet up Snoodie a comedian, and also one of the Brand Ambassadors of Phillips Care Touch.

CTVibes 7All in all the event was successful and delivered what is called quality to the tee, and congratulation to Phillips and JNPR

CTVIBES would like to thank the Jenni Newman Public Relations for inviting us.

CTVibes 1


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