One On One with Bongani Fassie

He is a producer, musician, and song writer. Lost his mother at the age of 19 but he still stands tall and continue with his career. Has exposed himself in many things but now a father who adores and love his eight month old daughter. Releasing his first solo album in 19 years, Bongani Fassie has definitely RISE. While he was visiting Cape Town to promote his album titled RISE, I managed to still few minutes with him and had a chat.

Here how it went down:


Tell me about Bongani Fassie, away from being Brenda Fassie son?

Beside the music side of me, Bongani is a very shy guy, humble, easy going, and outgoing but I don’t push to be on the forefront because I’m equivalent to the next person. In a nutshell I’m a spirit between spirits.

Do you think being expose to the industry at an early age had influence on your career?

Yes it did, because it came with some privileges LOL!, however it was a gift and a curse because all of my life I’ve been trying to establish myself away from my mother’s shadow but the expectations from the industry and people were too high

FassieTell me about your album?

This is my second album, it consist of different genres so whoever from where ever can listen to it and relate to it.

How is it different from your last album?

Basically my last album was Jozi, this one is more experimentally. I have crossed over; I tried to make it an album for everyone.

Who have you worked within this album?

Pro, Pdot O, Malik and J-Lawless and many others.

Why RISE for the album title?

Because I wanted to personalise it and show my journey in the industry

Bongani pointingThe most memorable performance

It has to be the hologram, because I can’t remember what happened as I was in the zone.

The most disappointing performance

It has to be the beginning of Jozi when we got booed off stage and got bottles thrown at us.

The last thing you do before you go on stage?

I pray before and after

bongani-pdf-1024x879How has your daughter changed your life?

No words can describe, it is another feeling.

How do you deal with negativity especially on social networks?

Now I just ignore it, and carry on with my life.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Humble, Respectful, and dedicated.

Bongani0What can we expect from you in the rest of 2013?

You can expect me to fly the South African flag very high, but I can’t do it without my supporters.

Last words to your fans?

I love you, I respect you guys, and I’m nothing without you. I’m thankful for the support you have given me this far and for the support you have given my mom

Marry, mack, and flush?

Marry: Moneoa

Mack: Bokang Montjane

Flush: Dineo Ranaka

That’s all from me and Bongz, what was said after that’s between me and him. LOL! :’D

You can get hold of him here:

Twitter: @iamBongz

For bookings: / 07222642219

***file*** Bongani Fassie


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