Moments with Naima Kay

Naima Kay still new in the industry but has a killer voice, she visited Cape Town for few days to promote her debut album titled Umsebenzi, and I got to meet her and had a little chat about her and her music. This is how it went down:
naima copy

Who is Naima Kay?
I’m a girl from Portshepstone, which is where I was born and spent most of my life.

Is Naima Kay your real name, so tell me how did Naima come about?
My real name is Lungile Khumalo; Mr Ngcobo the owner of Touch Africa gave me that name. He came to me and said I have chosen a name for you to be known as, which was Naima and it means peace, and the Kay stands for my surname Khumalo.

When did your love for music start?
It started back in school; I was in a school choir and also was part of the church choir. After finishing school, I auditioned for Ugu Jazz a festival that happens annually in June at Portshepstone, and it also where Mr Ngcobo saw me.

What do you do besides being an artist?
Nothing, this is the only thing I live for.

Which is your most memorable performance by far?
a performance at the Durban Jazz Festival, it was overwhelming how the crowd accepted and I was the youngest performer there and also the Ugu Jazz Festival, I always enjoy and love performing there since its at home.

Which is your bad performance by far?
None at all, the thing is I love to perform.


Tell me about your album, titled umsebenzi?
This is my work, that’s why I called it that, and this is also a song that I dedicate to my father since I grew up without him as he had to go and work for his family.

What inspired you to write your debut single Lelilanga?
I got my inspiration in church when the pastor opened a bible verse about Solomon asking Jesus to give him wisdom out of all things that he could wished for. So I also asked god for wisdom and respect, and that made me write this song.

Who/what is your daily inspiration?
Listening to Zonke Dikana’s music.

One thing that we don’t know about Naima Kay?
I’m a very shy person

What is your bad habit?
I love sleeping. LOL! If I’m at home that’s all I wanna do

Dating anyone at the moment?
No, I’m dating my music.

naima blue copy
What do you do on your spare time?
Spending time with my family and friends

What is your take on Cape Town?
This is a beautiful place, and I wish I can move here.

What can we expect from you in 2013?
Just good music all the way.

Last words to your supporters?
Thanks for the support; I’m really blessed to have your support. To everyone else who wish to be here, don’t ever give up on your dreams.

Flush, Mack, Marry? Maps Maponyane, Lunga Shabalala, Sizwe Dhlomo.
Maps Maponyane: Flush
Lunga Shabalala: Marry
Sizwe Dhlomo: Mack

If you wanna keep up with this lady:
twitter: @NaimaKaySA


That’s all from me your Brat, until the next post Arios.


12 thoughts on “Moments with Naima Kay

  1. She’s one of the greatest South African songbird. She has an amazing voice. I love the Lelilnga song. It’s a song that gives hope. I repeat it every morning on my way to work

  2. I would say big-up to Naima she has a killer voice and I wish her all the best in 20fourtune(2014) may our Lord grant her the power to move a step ahead and keep on giving us good music 4ever.

  3. I’m so in love wth u Naima kay your music and personality is to die for. I lv the fact that u dnt try too mch nd u r nt fake. Wsh to share the stage with u some day when I bcme a musician in the near future

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