One on One with Masego Maps Maponyane

He is a TV presenter, model, actor, commentator, Voice over Artist and Business Entrepreneur. The 23year old has been making girls and some boys turn heads left, right and centre with his charming and edible looks. He graduated at Wits with a Media, languages, and human rights degree. Not so long ago he was crowned Cosmopolitan Sexiest Man in 2013. He is definitely what every girl dreams of *sigh*
After a successful launch of his range titled OCD in Johannesburg he decided to come to Cape Town not for another launch but for some business, and guess what? The Brat got to meet up with him.
Yes, I’m talking about Masego Maps Maponyane. We went to his favourite hangout spot in Cape Town, The Loading Bay in Green Point where we had our little chit chat and this is how it went down:


Tell me about Masego?
I’m from the South of Johannesburg, I grew up exceptional naughty. I got to be into myself when I got to high school. I’m very ambitious, always knew what I want and commit 100% to what I do. I’m a very simple kinder guy, people’s person, and I love life.

So how did Maps come about?
Maps came from my surname Maponyane. When I was in high school lots of the kids couldn’t pronounce my surname, they used to call me “my punani” so I got tired of being everyone’s punani LOL and Maps made more sense. Maps also separate me from my father, it makes me an individual brand and that’s what I wanted.

How did it all start?
I used to do modelling when I was younger, I stopped doing that because I was playing sports at school and didn’t have time. At the end of high school I was supposed to go to the State to study that side, so I started to work out things that I wanted to do such as TV presenting, commentating, worked for Fashion week, and worked for different agencies. As they say the rest is history.

So besides being a model, you also an actor, a commentator, Voice over Artist and Business Entrepreneur. Where do you get time to do all of these?
I just graduated so I’m no longer a student, which makes things a lot easier. It’s all about time my management, since I enjoy everything that I do.
What will you want to be known as out of all the things you do?
Ultimately I want to be known as Philanthropist, that’s what I’m working towards, but for now I would like to be known as an Academic.

Some highlights of your career?
So far the highlight of my career is graduating. I was working and studying at the same, had little sleep. I just wanted to make sure I graduated and graduated well.

Some lowlights of your career?
Low lights are usually inexistence cause I thrive on them to better myself. I’m always expecting them so I can learn and be better at what I’m doing.

If you were to change careers, what will you be?

I would be a professional sportsmen or architect or an engineer.

Why professional sportsmen?
Because sport is my life and I love it. My dad is a professional sportsmen, and my brother is a professional snow boarder.

Who/what is your inspiration?
Meeting people every day, because I get to learn something from them and most people tend to neglect the possibilities of learning something from someone they consider to be an insignificant to them. I also live by a couple of quotes
Not so long ago you were crowned the sexiest man by Cosmopolitan. How did that make you feel?
I was totally surprised, have never seen myself and I don’t think I will ever do. I’m still trying to get used to the idea.

*This is when I wanted to say take of your top and let me see… LOL #Hides

Let’s talk about Maps and Augustine mash-up? Where and how did it all start?
Augustine the actually brand was launched at the end of last year and I was interested in their stuff, so I decided to go see more of their staff in a market in Johannesburg. I got to talk to them to see why they started their brand, then we had another chat later on, they wanted to do something with me because they like my style. I joined their team and became their head designer and creative director with my own range.

The range is called OCD, why did you choose to name it that?
Because it is an extension of me, I’m extremely OCD. I’m the guy who always line things up, pays attention to detail. With men suits I feel they need be right, clean, simple, and minimum to detail so I thought OCD will be the appropriate name for the range.

What do you do on your spare time?
I spend time with my family, especially my mom as she pins me down when I have free time. I also like to hang out with my friends. Sometimes I go away on a quick holiday, or long drives.

What do you think of Cape Town entertainment industry?
It’s a solid foundation for supporting artist, it could be better as it gets a lot of international support.
What can we expect from you in what is left of 2013?
With the range in particular there are few items I decided to hold back; you can accept a couple of those to come out (maybe). Otherwise I would probably wear them in events, which I probably will do. Hahaha!
You can also possibly expect working in a series or a movie at the end of the year (maybe). I’m going to Europe for a bit and then to the state for a month.

Words to your fans?
Thank you firstly for the support, and for keep me going. I always say “whatever you wanna do just put your down and do it” and the is also a quote that I live by “The is no such thing as impossible, it just takes longer than planned”.

Flush, Mack, and Marry? Zizo Bheda, Boitumelo Thulo, and Nandi Ngoma
Flush: Zizo Beda
Mack: Nandi Ngoma
Marry: Boity Thulo

You can get hold of him on:
Twitter: @S_Maps
For booking:


The was time in this interview when I wanted to say lift up the shirt and show me some of your guns 😀 , and a little bird told me he might be single *mhhhhhhh*

Anyway that’s all from me Brat, until the next post arios!


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