You want to learn more about the music industry? Well the Breathe Sunshine African Music Conference taking place this weekend will provide an opportunity for you to interact with Music legends and learn more about the Music business. The weekend will end with the Unity Jam that will be taking place in Langa on Sunday.

Click HERE to read more about the conference and Unity Jam.



We are giving away one set of 2 tickets for the 14 of February and 2 sets of double tickets for the Unity Jam.

To win you just have to comment on the blogpost and tell us why you deserve the tickets. Please state which set of tickets you would want to win.

The competition closes tomorrow at 2pm.




  1. I would really be greatful I were to meet South African stars who throughout time have made our lives meaningful in one away or the other. I would appreciate the opportunity to have a moment with them and perhaps deliberate maybe not in great detail about the South African music industry finding out ways of maintaining consistency and making a career out of the music industry instead of just a short-lived popularity. I would cherish the moment when I speak to bra Dluldu over a warm black African roasted cup of coffee or a strong double shot of Gentlemen’s Jack while being entertained by the soul music that lives many of us with hope. I am an aspiring musician only doing it for recreational purposes, the fact that there will be international guests will be a bonus to this amazing once in a lifetime moment with the giants and our new kids on the block who appear to be on the right track. My number is 061 419 8620, please feel free to call me and keep me informed with your latest, but then again I’m always paging ctvibes. thank you. I would love winning the Unity Jam.

  2. I was brought up by an array of different musical genres, being born to a malawian mother and xhosa father was an eclectic mix enough. My father had quite an epic collection of vinyls and though i was young when he played me his collection, music always filled our house, even after he and my mom divorced. i always have a song for any situation or words can trigger a song in my head. because of that, i enjoy or rather feast on hearing new music, or old, but new to my ears. I just moved to Cape Town from Johannesburg and i promised myself to open my eyes and ears to new experiences, welcome new memories and expose myself to the ‘unknown’ the Unity Jam will fulfill that very quest on my new journey. therefore me being a lover of all music and ‘new’ music, i would thoroughly appreciate this kind of experience.

    1. Congratulations! You have a set of double tickets to the Unity Jam. Kindly forward your contact number to

  3. I’d love to attend the Unity
    Jam and i think i deserve the Tickets because Im a young upcoming Dj whose got passion for Music and due to the fact that im new in the industry i’d love to know more about the industry so that i can live up to it since we as the young ones are the future of the Industry so i think this is our opportunity to learn more about the industry

    #That’s why i think i deserve the double Tickets

  4. I would absolutely love to win these tickets because:
    -my partner and I are huge fans of Ifani, Jimmy Dludlu
    -We believe in supporting local and upcoming talent
    -Langa is the perfect backdrop for introducing international stars such as Gentleman to the Cape Town and South Africa
    -The conference opens doors for producers to network and pick up valuable lessons from industry leaders

    I would love to win the double tickets to the Unity Jam..

  5. id love to win my set of double tickets to network with one of the best n international producers, not only that but network with the experienced producers in the music industry in order to create new channels and get contacts, plus the most fruitful advice on how to make it in the industry 🙂

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