Moments with Loyiso Mdebuka

We know him as the Dj that throws the hits from the olden days and also the hits that makes you want to dance like you don’t have a care in the world. He has graced our TV screens on the youth show Hectic Nine9, where most of us fell more in love with him and his talent. He has given us an eargasm on Good Hope FM with his Monday night show Mix Revolution, which is a music show, well a house music show.
This young brother has also tapped into business side of things, he is a co-founder of Ikapa Live, which is the company that hosts Ikasi Experience and he is also a Business Developer at Okuhle Media.
I feel like he needs to give other kids a chance, cause he is taking everything and running with it. LOL!

Loyiso Mdebuka also known as Dj Loyd is the guy of the hour, I got to sit down with him and we had a little chat. Here how it went down:


Who is Loyiso Mdebuka?

I grew up in Khayelitsha, and from there we moved around a lot because of my father’s career. Lived in Port Elizabeth for a bit and in East London and eventually we relocated back to Cape Town. I am a son, brother. I have four siblings, so it is pretty fun being around them. I love to work, to make a difference and that is the centre of who I am.

Loyiso as a child?

Pretty much the same as now, it is so weird not so long ago I was looking at a picture of myself when I was ten years old and I look exactly the same beside the fact that I have facial hair now and I’ve learnt a few things. LOL
As a child I was very shy and out spoken on things that I am well versed in.

Your dream then?

My dream as a child was to become a Charted Accounted.

Where did it all start?

It started at varsity, I had to find ways of sustaining myself and also achieve what I want to achieve. I was studying a B.Comm Accounting but ended up dropping it, and changed into B.Comm Management because I wanted to give myself a chance. Out of that I got an opportunity as a first year student to start hosting parties on campus, and then I became a brand ambassador for Smirnoff. After that I got an opportunity to work for Student Village, where I got into contact with a lot of celebrities that are making waves in S.A music industry today. After that everything else just fell into place. I am truly blessed with the opportunities that came my way and I also worked really hard to be able to get them.

Who inspires you most in the music and business industry?

I get inspired every day, from South African musicians to international musicians. I’m always keeping abreast what other artist are doing and what they are achieving.


In 2010 you released your first compilation album with Euphonik and G-Funk, how was that experience?

If I knew as much as I know now, I probably wouldn’t have done it. It was amazing opportunity to work with Euphonik, he is great mentor, he is a great person to bounce ideas off with, and I’m still learning from him until today and mostly from just observation. If I was given another chance to release that album again, there would be so many things that I would change. It was great opportunity though.

Do you see yourself producing music anytime soon?

Of course, I have produced music, written a couple of tracks with some Cape Town artist, and I got an opportunity to rap on one of Matthew Gold’s tracks and most people do not know that.

You are a Dj, Entrepreneur, Radio jock, and Business Developer. How do you manage to do all of this?

Well I don’t sleep much, but the reality is I have people in my team that assist me with my other work such as Ikapa Live. However there are two things that takes up most of my time, being a Business Developer and a Dj.

If you were to choose one, which one will it be?

My first love is Entrepreneurship which is the main thing that runs through on everything that I am doing, and it is what I need first to be able to understand my other work that I do.

If you did not do these entire things, what would be your career choice?

I would be a cricket player. I used to play for the Western Province under 19 level, and I really love cricket.


Tell me about Live Out Your Dream (LOYD)? Very smart of you to play with your name.

Live Out Your Dream is all about living out your dream. I’m here to remind kids that it is possible; you can live out your dreams. It is to give kids something tangible, working with their dreams and putting them in the right path so they can be able to reach out for their dreams.

What inspired you to do this? You could have done anything else

I have done other stuff, such as Ikasi Experience and for me that was not enough so I looked for more meaningful ways of giving back. Ikasi Experience caters only to 18 years and above, so with Live Out Your Dream I wanted to make an impact to school children.

Your definition of success

I heard a cool phrase the other day; it goes “a king is defined by how much free time he has” so for me success is being able to enjoy time with my family and doing the things that I love. I have tasted a bit of it but I am still working towards it.

Career highlight

Travelling to the United State in 2010, and last year we did a really cool campaign for the company that does Business Development with Ogilvy and others. We did a campaign for Chappies, which went extremely well and I was in the centre of making it happen.

Career lowlights

Aaah! Man those happen to, I think one of my career lowlights would be the difficulties of getting mainstream Cape Town to understand that young black people deserve a chance. I think we getting there.


The last thing you do before you make a decision?

I trust my instinct a lot, so I just listen to my gut.

If you were a president for a day, what would you change?

I would definitely put youth in touch with tangible opportunities and spreading also making sure that those opportunities are spread out., and I would also bring down the price of petrol.

One thing we don’t know about you?

That I am left handed

What is your guilty pleasure?

It is chocolate


Dream destination?

Barcelona, watching Barcelona against Real Madrid and win 6-0

3 words to describe yourself

Adventurous, Unapologetic, and Unorthodox

What to expect from you in the year 2014

More Ikasi Experiences and more hard work, and I have other projects on the pipeline

Last words.

Work very hard, and smart.


If you want to keep up with Loyiso you can follow him on twitter: @DJLOYD or check out his website:

You can also catch him every Monday night on Goodhope FM between 11pm and 2am


3 thoughts on “Moments with Loyiso Mdebuka

  1. Bigs up to him maan! He is so humble, I once bumped into him at Woolworths Canal Walk and because I follow him (on twitter, not a stalker haybo?!) I called out to him, he came and gave me a hug. Saw him again at Loxion ntoza ko D eKhayelitsha on its opening day. Nothing is the limit bhuti…

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