Pop Bottles CT @ Shimmy Beach Club


30th of March in Cape Town was not just another day before the end of the month, and probably end of those sunny days, and long days at the beach. This was the day that most young hip hop and old school kwaito lovers have been waiting for, the day of Pop Bottles in association with Miller Genuine Draft and Vuzu. 

As we all know that any partnership with Miller Genuine Draft means nothing but perfection and amazingness!

Oneproxy (2)

This event took place in one of the most prestige venues in Cape Town, Shimmy Beach Club. I must say it was a perfect venue as the masses came out in numbers to support and have the time of their life. The fashionistas came up to play, as almost everyone seemed to have dressed up to the Tee.


The line-up of the day consisted of JJ-Fresh, Dimplez, Milkshake, Vigilante, Lyle, Groove Afrika, Loyd, Sphectacula and Naves, and a surprise performance by one of the best rappers South Africa has to offer Reason. All of these acts made sure that they made all the attendees get down like it is not a Sunday. How can I forget the surprise dance performance by the Miller dancer, they made me want to start attending dance classes as in yesterday.

This is one of the events that would go up on my calendar, as I enjoyed myself with no shame.

Crowdproxy (4)

Thanks to Dimplez and Melanie Ramjee for inviting us once again to another amazing event.


To all the Jozi peeps make sure you ready, cause next Sunday (06th April) it is your turn to be entertained.



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