Tamia in Cape Town Concert – Event Review

Pic by Gail Force Media
Pic by Gail Force Media



The super talented 6 times grammy nominated Tamia performed at tha Grandwest last week Saturday. I was certainly looking forward to this show as I have been a Tamia fan since she released her self-titled album in 1998. Tamia was the leading act for the Divas 2014 show produced by Marmalade Productions.This was definitely going to be a lovely sing along concert. The Grandwest filled up nicely. The setting was perfect with the sitting down Golden Circle creating a sense of intimacy in the show.


The event kicked off with Belinda Davids showing off her strong voice. She sang ‘I have nothing’ by the late Whitney Houston beautifully, its hard to sing any Whitney Houston but she certainly did justice to it. I just wish she sang more of her songs.


Before former Karen Kortje came on stage as the second opening act, her backup artist did a wonderful rendition of ‘All of Me’ by John Legend, I was blown away. Karin came on stage and performed fairly well, I honestly think the opening with All of Me was great. I also wished Karin performed more of her songs, this was an opportunity for her to share her music.


The third opening act Le Anne brought it, I love the fact that she made an effort, a professional performance with costumes and dancers. I don’t know much of her songs but I enjoyed seeing her onstage.


The suprise act Sylvia Mdunyelwa was everything. This legend certainly set the arena alight bringing an awesome vibe on stage and to the audience. The Jazz legend took us back with some old school jazz song, her energy on stage  rubbed off on the audience as everyone was standing and singing along. She was certainly one of the highlights of the night, definitely a Diva.


Tamia came on stage and just erupted the whole arena. Her  voice, the choreography, her body, her dress,everything was just perfect. She sang almost all my favourite songs except for ‘Loving you still’ and ‘If I were you’ , but I can live with that as I knew all the songs she performed. The response when she sang ‘Who do you tell’ was amazing, the audience just took over the song which led to Tamia shedding a tear, it was a very precious moment in the concert. ‘Still’ also received a good response with her mentioning how the song relates to her as she has been married for over 15years. Her performance of ‘Me’ was certainly my favourite and so was the performance of my all time favourite Tamia song ‘You Put A Move on my heart”.


The response from the audience was amazing, at one point it felt like I was at a  sports game with the singing along in appreciation of the talent that is Tamia. She was certainly engaging with the audience on a personal level even walking down the stage. She had to come back to perform one more song ‘Stranger in my house’ as the crowd asked for more.


This was certainly an amazing concert and the audience was certainly pleased. Brat left the concerts a new Tamia fan.  Lovely production, lovely people, lovely artist.Thank you Marmalade Productions 🙂












One thought on “Tamia in Cape Town Concert – Event Review

  1. Aahh great review.

    I really felt like I was at the concert and could imagine how it looked and sounded.


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