Where two forces join, you’ll find a SYNERGY… The S I R I U S SUNDAY Electronic Music Experience is a unique collaborative concept that showcases world class production, together with some of the globes leading electronic music artists. This nine hour electronic music spectacle of Trance & Progressive Psy-Trance features international acts Captain Hook, Atmos & Mindwave



Captain Hook

Currently charting at number 1 on Beatport, CAPTAIN HOOK has become a household name amongst all lovers of quality Psy-Progressive music. This new project by Reshef Harari has seen him travel to dance floors in the furthest corners of the globe, from Boom to SUN Festival, to OZORA, Soulvision and Eclipse Festival.  Known for delivering exhilarating and dynamic sets, CAPTAIN HOOK will live up to his name, hooking you with his phattest, punchiest basslines and electrified rhythms.



Drawing influences from electronic and ambient rock music like JM Jarre and Pink Floyd, Atmos quickly formed a style that was to make him one of the most successful producers in hypnotic and atmospheric trance. Having released 4 albums, loads of singles and has countless appearances on compilations, Atmos is set to turn up the heat at the S I R I U S SUNDAY Electronic Music Experience.



Mindwave 2 by Eli Zapa


Originally from Russia, Anton Maiko immigrated to Israel in 1991. He fell in love with electronic music when he was 6 years old listening to The Prodigy, Scooter and later on MFG and Astral Projection and Cosma. At 13, he started to play the keyboard trusting his intuitions and teaching himself, while exploring new methods of composition. In 2009, he released his debut album Escape from Reality as Mindwave and followed this up with Awaken in 2010, Concept of Freedom in 2012 and Insight in 2013. Be sure to catch his Psytrance-Progressive magic at this year’s Synergy Live.




3 day full Weekend                         R 590 – Webtickets

2 day Saturday & Sunday              R 520 – Webtickets

3 day full Weekend                 R 570 – Outlets


Get your tickets and ticketing info at


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