Lanique SA Media Launch by Nandi



CtVibes attended  the Lanique Media Launch in Manna Epicure Restaurant on Kloof Street. We were invited to be one of the first to taste the 7 different ways of mixing the Lanique Liquer Spirit in SA. I was  among those that will be doing the tasting, Nigel the Executive distributor SA, even called me Nandipha No1, as I was always the first in line when it was tasting time. It was a great networking environment.



“Lanique is created by stream-distilling thousands of rose petals to create a pure rose essential oil, which is more expensive per kilogram than gold. The rose petal liquer has a unique, fragrant flavour and is made from completely natural ingredients, sourced from exotic locations”


The 1st drink was a thirst quenching Champas called  Lanique & Champagne. It is described as “The magical taste of champagne with exotic flavour of lanique makes for a very special drink – the perfect way to celebrate any occasion”

The second drink was icy and soothing: Lanique & Lime.  It is the signature drink. I didn’t really enjoy it much, but I believe this is a pink drink men would enjoy.

The 3rd drink we tasted was my favourite: Lanique & Soda. The soda blended nicely with the lanique. The sweetness was not too much.


The 4th drink was: LaniqueTini. This drink is very strong. It is sweet and you can taste all the flavours clearly. I would recommend it on a girls night out or when you hosting a party.


The 5th drink was: Lanique & Bitter lemon. Is described as a perfect drink before or after a meal. I missed it, I was still hung up on the LaniqueTini.

The 6th drink was: Lanique & Lemonade. It tasted more like lemonade to me, the sweet and sour taste blended nicely.

The 7th drink was Lanique and Tonic: I can safely say, this was everyone’s favourite. 


Me with Nigel, the executive distributor of Lanique SA
Me with Nigel, the Executive Distributor of Lanique SA


Lanique appeared in the Christmas Window display of the London Harvey Nichols Store. It is also stocked in all their UK and other stores worldwide.

“Lanique, made from Attar of Rose and revived from a historic 200 year-old recipe, has officially launched in South Africa. A blushing rosy pink colour, this rose liquer spirit was first enjoyed by European high society in the 1800s, cherished and imbibed by the elite at their celebrations and grand balls”

Me hanging with Sinako and Siya
Me hanging with Sinako and Siya

This was a great experience for me and I would love to do more of it. My friends also had too much fun. While I was at work, they were enjoying themselves around the food platters and taking pictures. Ok, I also could not resist the cream cheese snack and beef kebabs .



Big ups to the organising team from Lanique and AmpliconPR. They did a fantastic job.


By @Nandi



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