Rouge new single – MI CORAZON

Mi Corazon

SA Hip Hop has shown amazing growth in the last couple of years, one can say the genre dominated the local music scene. It has even spread to the rest of Africa as we have seen some of our Hip Hop acts performing around Africa. One thing that has been missing is a dominant female hip-hop artist in the growth of the genre. Well Rouge might be the one to fill that gap.

Rouge, real name, Deko Wedi  has released her 2nd single titled “Mi Corazon”
featuring BigStar Johnson.

She released the hit “Party” which reached the number one spot on the “The Stir up” hosted by Ms Cosmo on 5fm. The track was playlisted in a number of radio stations around Africa.

Mi Corazon meaning “My Love” in Spanish is Rouge’s expression of how she
feels about the industry. She talks about the love that she has for what she
does and demonstrates this through the lyrics in her new single.

You can click HERE to download Mi Carizon on Data File Host

Or get it on the Soundcloud link over HERE

You like? Could she be the leading lady in SA Hip Hop?


By: @Dudoo_D






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