How was your Ultra2015 experience?

Pic by Mikhail Adam Motala
Pic by Mikhail Adam Motala


I don’t  even know how to start with this post. Ultra SA  2015 was everything! I was completely blown away. I missed the 2014 Edition because of other commitments but I certainly made sure I make it to this one to see what the hype is all about.


Pic by Lexar
Pic by Lexar

Starting with the venue, I have been to the Ostrich Ranch to chill and for some events but what I witnessed on 12 February 2015 at the Ranch was something else. The maximum efficient use of the venue to make sure that everything is within reach and at the same time there is space for everyone was great.  Each section was setup properly in such way that everyone can get a proper view of the activities. From the beautiful VVIP setup, to the Heineken Star Clu, Hauwei centre to the media centre that is conveniently close to the stage.

Pic by Mikhail Adam Motala
Pic by Mikhail Adam Motala


Moving over to the music, I am not a huge fan of Electro but I somehow found myself dancing to almost every DJ because of the way the music was delivered and the vibe. Euphonik mentioned at the press conference that the SA acts have an advantage as they can play those local tracks that are loved by South Africa and spice them up to appeal to everyone. I must say they started the party playing jams like ‘Run Jozi’ and ‘Cara Cara’ putting that electro feel into them. This is when the party started for me.

Pic by Jono
Pic by Jono


Hardwell delivered as expected, he certainly deserves that number 1 DJ in the world title. The music was insane and the crowd pretty much danced to every song. The whole vibe was just so incredible right from the production, to the music and the crowd.

Pic by Mikhail Adam Motala
Pic by Mikhail Adam Motala


Ultra SA was perfect, I have no complaints. I pretty much get the hype about it now. Can we fast forward to Ultra 2016 please?! I am ready!






How was your Ultra2015 experience?


By: @Dudoo_D








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