Mother City Live 4Mother City Live

After a successful run with the Mother City Live nights in 2014, Greenback Media Group is back with the Mother City Live Arts Experience. Going beyond music, the festival will showcase film, fashion, crafts and live music.

The event is set to take place over 2 days at the end of November 2015. Cape Town is a regular host of international film, fashion and music festivals. The Mother City Live Arts Experience is embracing proudly Cape Town artists and providing them with a platform to showcase their talents.

Mother City Live 2

Greenback Media Group Director, Tashinga Mutakwa, is looking forward to seeing his vision for Cape Town art come to life. “Every individual has an art form that they resonate with. Mother City Live is about bringing together individuals to form one family through the merging of arts and genres” says Mutakwa.

Greenback Media Group is calling all film makers, fashion designers, musicians, poets and dancers to take up this opportunity to showcase their talent

Mother City Live 1

Music Performers, send the following to

– Short Bio – Proof of Previous Performances (Videos if Available) – 3 or more files of or links to recorded material. – High Resolution Images – Social Media Links and Website

All other willing participants, email your profile to

Mother City Live 3

Keep track of the latest developments by following @MotherCityLive on twitter or like the Mother City Live facebook page.


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