Solo drops a new single! – Poster Child

My SA Hip Hop crush has released a new single titled ‘Poster Child’. The single comes after his recent hit  single ‘Overtime’

Poster Child

‘Poster Child’ is a themed song by the award winning artist, in which he

explains how much has changed within the music industry, from when he was

younger to now. Solo elaborates on the fact that fans no longer wait to find

an image of their favourite artist in the centre of a magazine which were

used as posters on bedroom walls, which fans strived to have autographed,

once upon a time.

“I grew up understanding that all superstars had truly made it when their

poster was on teenage bedroom wall in every household. I’m of that era. My

dreams of being a super star are rooted in centre fold posters and

autographs being a fans’ primary request. I’ve found myself having to adapt

my dream. An admirer of your music is more likely to ask for a selfie with

you over a signed piece of anything really. It’s an evolved dream now. One

I’ve had to adjust for” says Solo

Listen to the track on Soundcloud over HERE .If you dig it, buy it on iTunes over HERE .

Feel free to share your thoughts about the track on our comments section.

“Look I’m no groupie but..”



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