KILLIN IT is currently the Number one song in East Africa on the MTV Base Top 20 East Africa Chart and playlisted in 12 countries, including Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, UK, Nigeria.

This is my second favourite single from her after High Fashion.

Her Social Media has been buzzing after being named the Artist to watch in 2016 by LIVE Amp on SABC1 and

With every single released Patty Monroe has shown her versatility and growth, on ‘Killin It’ this is no different. Smooth dance hall beats is both captivating and hard driving with a baseline that gives you no option but to sway to the beat. ‘Killin It’ is the 2015/16 summer banger. No way does it not remind you of pulsating dance floors in the heat of summer. Bebe Cool’s deep tempo flavor adds just enough spice to this already flavor filled single you will have no choice but to press repeat all summer through.

You can watch the music video of Killin It over HERE


About Patty Monroe:

The 20 year old Cape Town, Southern Suburbs native used her street smarts, rap abilities and songwriting skills to acquire a record deal with Afterlife Talent. Patty Monroe, known to her folks as Megan Steenkamp  decided at 15 years old to enter  The Night  Of  The  Beat  Bangaz a  hip  hop platform run by  the  legendary DJ Ready , DJ Azhul  and DJ E20 but was too  young  to  be  eligible to perform that  event  inspired this  self-described  “old  soul”  to  take  her  fierce  flows  to  higher heights.

To date, Patty Monroe has collaborated with rappers, Malik Gita (2011), Youngsta (2013&2014.)The rapper  who  is  inspired  by  the  likes of  MC  Lyte  and Missy  Elliot has  roped  in  producers  like Sketchy Bongo, Muzi and Culoe de Song to  work  on  a  forthcoming as yet untitled  project.

This  blonde  bombshell  wants  to  model  her  music  after  something that  isn’t  often  celebrated: being true  to  oneself. The colorful  entertainer appeared  on  SA’s  Got  Talent  in  2013  and during the  2012 MTV  Base  VJ  Search,  Patty  Monroe  made  it  into  the Top 25  of the Cape  Town auditions  phase. She has perfomed at the  Durban July, Jack Daniel’s Boomtown and today, she has  come  to  claim  her  space  in  the  music  industry  “I’m  going  to  be  here  for  a  while  so you  had  better  listen”.


Check out some of her music on SoundCloud 

By @Brat_M_


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