Unplugged Girl talk with Khabonina Qubeka – The Blueapple Lingerie Fair


The Blueapple Lingerie Fair is an initiative built around heightening awareness where women’s health is concerned on all levels, physically, mentally as well as emotionally.

A majority of our women, more so coloured and black women know very little about women’s health processes and how to go about nurturing the body, spirit and mind. It is because of this that the Blueapple Lingerie Fair came to life, we wanted to introduce young women from all walks of life to the importance of a healthy body and mind in the pursuit of individual succession through sensual invitation.

The lingerie fair aims to afford female patrons a space to learn and engage, more importantly a space to truly celebrate “their own skin”.  The concept challenges self-love by making compulsory that attending patrons be dressed in lingerie which suits their body types respectively.

As an added feature we have been facilitating online interviews with women we believe are pioneers in their industries to inspire and ignite how imperative being a self-actual woman is. One such woman is Choreographer, Actress and Entrepreneur Khabonina Qubeka .  Here is how the Q&A with Khabonina went down:

1. You came into the industry at a time when socially as a country we were moving towards celebrating creativity as a powerful commodity. How did that influence your personal growth positively?

I like to think of it this way : The INDUSTRY is the one that saw ME & my creativity and decided to take me in !
Because in all honesty, I’ve been doing what I love all my life , dancing since the age of 6 , acting , performing , hosting , presenting , motivating, public speaking , debating winning in sports and educating all through Primary School right to High School … and beyond !
I feel immense growth with every move I make and that inspires me to do even more.
Travelling also helped me grow! I’ve been to countries like Malaysia , Germany , Switzerland, Jordan , Mexico , Spain , Morocco , to name a few where creativity is embraced and given a huge platform ! That made me realise that “impossible” does not exist.

2. Not only are you an incredible actress, you are also an internationally acclaimed dancer and health stan, how do you balance the many hats you wear?

Everything I do fits like a puzzle. Each piece has its own slot and fits in perfectly at a time its supposed to fit in. I am very good at managing my time , I choose the projects I get involved in wisely in order to deliver fully.
I also boosted my passion by studying! I’m a qualified Choreographer and Dance teacher, I passed my anatomy and physiology with flying colours, so when I talk or  blog about the Human Body,  Health & Fitness, I know my story! Studying Child physiology helps me when dealing with my Khabodacious kiddies dance sessions , I followed that up with a few classes of Industrial Psychology which comes in handy when I run my corporate health & fitness sessions!

3. Being an entrepreneur has its challenges, they sometimes feel elevated because of being a woman, have you undergone great struggle in your pursuit to realizing true succession?

Ofcourse , but I’ve learned to see the challenges as pleasure and not pressure !  Being the first South African to release a Fitness Dvd is a great example ! Because I’m Black , female and young (in their view) proved to be “hard to accept” if I may ! I hit many walls , many dead ends but never gave up! In 2013 , the First South African Fitness Dvd was launched , for South Africans , by a South African  WOMAN !


4. You are a woman who does quite a lot to keep your body in shape and your mind healthy, how important is maintaining good health to you?

I don’t believe I necessarily “do a lot to keep in shape”, its the lifestyle I choose daily.
The healthier I feel, the more progressive I become! I made a decision for myself at a very young age not to drink alcohol , not to smoke , not be a “promiscuous girl” etc
Because I was already laying a path for my Lifestyle , I’ve always known what I wanted.
So, going to gym , my yoga , pilates sessions , running / swimming / dancing , choosing WHAT goes into MY system is a choice,  because “I am the CEO of my body, and I’m constantly fixing my Co.”


5. A considerably alarming number of our women are infected by HIV and AIDS, a large number of them between the ages of 21-35. How important do you believe open dialogue on sexual issues is?

Oh man ! I believe open dialogue on any issue is important! What kills South Africans is the fact that some issues are “allowed” to be discussed openly while others are not “allowed” to be discussed at all ! This causes “selective openness” and inconsistency in our discussions. So if we can get used to being open entirely , we can solve many issues , HIV and AIDS being right at the top. We would need to introduce this ‘open dialogue’ system in schools so that youngsters grow up aware of their freedom of openness especially with such topics , then watch the HIV and AiDS stats decline!

6. Share with us a mantra you live by.
“You are the CEO of your body , Fix your Company” !!!



7. BlueAppleEye Concepts is hosting a lingerie fair built around unpacking woman related issues, desensitizing  sex talk and feeding the female mind, as a woman what would you expect from a lingerie fair?

I expect beauty, sensuality and love because that’s what we are as Women, that’s what we possess , that’s our power !

8. Surrounding oneself with positive minds insights for positive growth, how has working on Isidingo influenced positive growth?

I  thank God daily for Isidingo! I’ve had a crush on the show for over 10 years , so you can just imagine my joy when I received the call as I was head hunted to play “NINA ZAMDELA” !
I cannot explain how being in the same scene , let alone the same room as Robert Whitehead  “Barker Haines” makes me feel! He is pure talent , a true artist and far from ‘Ego’ ! He’s perfection ! Most of the cast is on this level of greatness! I’m in awe!

This character ‘NINA’  and being in this ‘actors space’ has grown me as an artist. I’m learning a lot re: Production and all the ‘behind the scenes’ mechanics too. I grow daily! Its incredible! Art feeds my soul !


9. What can we expect from the Khabodacious brand in 2016?

My goodness !!! #ExcitementTrending!

#KWBC Khabodacious Wellness Boot Camps ! Our series , will be launching in MAY 2016 ! We start in Johannesburg! It will be Dance and Movement based. I’m working with thee most amazing Team ! Bradlee Holcomb will be dealing with the Mind Body Shift ! Doctor Tlaleng : Reproductive and Health issues ! Mandla Nhleko : Functional Training expert ! And We will be highly interactive on all social media platforms with Senzo Dlomo !

“DORAS PEACE” My movie where I portray a troubled woman called “Dora” , finally comes out in August on the 5th ! Its a MUST see. Trailer available on Youtube !

Also shooting a new movie in a few months … Unable to reveal much, but, will invite you to the set of this one! Deal ?

And : New look website www.khabodacious.co.za with the New Khabodacious Leisure Fitness gear , in the Khabostore.co.za , Fitness Dvd’s and so much More !

10. Complete this sentence: In my own skin I am.

I Love it ! Infact , its already complete :


Thank you to Khabonina for the chat! You can follow her on Twitter over HERE!

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By: Zizipho Dyubeni




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