Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour in Cape Town – Review


I have been longing to write this review but I had to contain my excitement as I did not want to spoil the experience for the Durbanites and Joburgers.  Mariah Carey came through to the Cape Town stadium on the 26th of April and delivered!


I was a bit worried about the concert after I recently saw videos of Mimi struggling vocally  in her live performances. My other fear was that I would go to the concert and she would sing all her recent songs which I don’t know, I think I lost after the ‘obsessed’ era. Well I have to put it on record that Mariah still has good vocals and she sang most of her classics.

In typical Diva behaviour, Mariah made a late grand entrance on stage singing the Fantasy Def Club Mix. Queen Mariah was not going to walk on stage, she floated in on a couch carried by her dancers. From that moment on, she had the ‘lambs’ screaming their lungs out! From Fantasy she sang ‘Emotions’ and then my fave song ‘My all’.  She brought her adorable twins on stage for the first time ever before she dedicated her classic ‘Always be my baby’ to them.

She lost me somewhere in her performance of her upbeat song, but all is forgiven as dancing and singing at the same time has never been her strong point. She did however pull a funny stint when she brought a fan on stage, blindfolded him, made him think he is touching her while he is actually touching one of her dancers! hahaha only Mimi can getaway with pulling such stunts! Talking about her dancers, they are hottest and the most talented I have seen in all the concerts I have attended.

Mariah was joined by Trey Lorenz to sing  ‘I’ll be there’ and ‘One Sweet Day’. One of the most touching moments of the show was the performance of ‘When you believe’ with the music video in the background!

The show really proved that Mariah still has it. The Sweet Sweet Fantasy was fulfilled!


Pictures by: Nardus Engelbrecht

Review by: Dudoo







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