World Class Takes Over Cape Town


A few weeks ago I was invited to a meet and greet with the globally acclaimed bartender, Vítězslav Cirok from the Czech Republic at the prestigious One & Only Hotel. While visiting Mr. Cirok was tasked to create a Signature Cocktail for Cape Town. On the night of his meet and greet he was to reveal this signature cocktail. People came out in numbers to meet this dashing gentleman and also to get a taste of his talent. The room was filled with amazement of how smooth Mr. Cirok moves in the bar as if he was perfectly made just for it. We were entertained not just by him but also by a live band that did covers of the songs that people love to sing along. The word that was passed around on the night was how charming and delighting Mr. Cirok is. The only shame was that I did not manage to get a picture with him, I guess it is all in the next time.

Now let’s fast forward to Monday the 9th of May at The Outrage Modesty, where the final regional competition of the Bartender of the Year was taking place. You might be wondering how are these event connected? Well let me do some explaining before I carry on with this post. Both events were hosted by World Class, which falls under Diageo Reserve.

The regional finals challenge takes place across South Africa, with Johannesburg kick-starting the competition on the 4th of May and followed by Cape Town on the 9th. Sadly I did not get to attend the Johannesburg, so this post will only focus on Cape Town.

The competition had the most talented and creative bartenders I have seen from the Cape region, who came out guns blazing, and created some amazing cocktails that a person would want to admire. In the process of making an original cocktail the bartenders had to tell a story of what inspired them to create it, and most of the stories that were shared left me close to tears.


The overall winner from the regional competition will get to compete in the national finals that will take place in Johannesburg on the 5th of July (which I wish to attend), and the winner from the finals will get a chance to compete in global competition that will take place in September. The winner of the regional competition in Cape Town was Brent Perremore with his iconic cocktails: The Bulleit Train Brandit and The Tribal Brew

Thank you to World Class (Diageo Reserve) and African Star Communications *wink to Bianca* for having me in both events and looking forward to the finale *hoping and praying to attend*.

With Judges
Brent Perremore with the Judges




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