Win tickets to the Ciroc #AppleAffair Cape Town Launch


The Ciroc Apple Flavour has landed and we are spreading the news with  the #AppleAffair Launch. The #AppleAffair launch took place in Joburg last week Friday and it seemed like it was quite an event. Cape Town can always do better and that is exactly what we are going to do.  The CT launch is set to take place on Friday, 14 October 2016.

Pic Source: Ciroc SA Instagram

We are giving away 2 double tickets to the Cape Town #AppleAffair launch. Each ticket is valued at R2500. We are giving away one set of double tickets on the blog and the other set on Twitter. Here is how you can stand a chance to win on each platform.


  • Comment on this blog post and share how you would enjoy your Apple Ciroc.



  • Twitpic your ideal #AppleAffair look. Make sure you include the hashtag #AppleAffair
  • Make sure you tag @CtVibes  @CirocVodka_SA on the tweets.


The competition will run till Wednesday 1pm. You obviously have to be 18 years or older 🙂

Pic Source: Ciroc Vodka SA Instagram

Looking forward to being part of the #AppleExperience with the winners next Friday!

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28 thoughts on “Win tickets to the Ciroc #AppleAffair Cape Town Launch

  1. I’d definitely enjoy my Apple Ciroc on a blazing hot day chilling next to a swimming pool looking sizzling and all girly girly in my floral dress if not my swimming suit. You do it the Queen B way or you go home!!!!#AppleAffair

  2. I would definitely enjoy my Ciroc vodka with some crushed ice, mix it with a pear juice and top it up with some mint leaves at the top. It needs all things green for that summery effect!

  3. I also enjoy my Ciroc Vodka with crushed ice and and mint and crunchberry juice and i will do , on rooftop with my crazy &;awesome bunch of friends

  4. I would enjoy my Ciroc Apple with Cranberry juice, fresh lime juice charged with champagne in a tall flute. What better way to introduce my pallete to the Ciroc Apple Vodka than at the launch? 😊✨💕

  5. Circoc happens to be a really great vodka, very smooth and can be paired with many things. I usually drink my Ciroc with some type of mixer or take a shot or two to get it over with. This drink definitely does the job and quick too! Top shelf vodka I must say, especially when you are having a nice time with good company.

  6. I would enjoy my CIROC Apple with a group of friends.. chilled vibes living la vida loca!!


  7. I would love to win those tickets to the event. Its totally going to be one of the biggest even it cape town . I am worthy and ready. #Appleaffair #cirocsa

  8. I would definetly enjoy ciroc apple with sliced appless & lemonade. On a beautiful day in the republic of CT with the Queen. In my shorts of-cause. Nothing but pure bliss. ‼️. #Appleaffair #Ciroc_Sa #SummerLiving

  9. I remember drinking this back in my high school days and we’d drink this in the parking lot before going in the club lol it is really good. The only flavours I’ve tried is peach and pineapple and I really enjoyed them. It is smooth and will get you LIT! Ciroc ina that THING!

  10. Super smooth vodka, I was hesitant to buy it thinking it was just a hype product. This is definitely a different tasting product. I like it on the rocks with a slice of orange also, the best. Now imagine drinking this with your crush. 🙂

  11. I would enjoy my Apple Ciroc on the rocks ( perfection needs no chaser ). …under the Sky, the weather doesn’t matter.. while wearing my shades and summer dress, dancing to my favorite deep house tunes, be it my skin is getting sun kissed or the rain is falling down on me. It doesn’t matter the venue, just wherever and whenever the feelings kicks in.. but I would give anything for the first time to be at the #AppleAffair launch party.😍❤

  12. Good drinks deserve to be appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed. I would therefore enjoy my Apple Ciroc on crushed ice with a dash of lemonade. Accompanied by an awesome summer outfit and in the aura of special friends and good music. No other way to appreciate and celebrate this amazing taste of Apple Ciroc!

  13. I would enjoy my Apple Ciroc on the rocks or just crushed ice ( perfection needs no chaser that will take away from the taste) . . Enjoying it under the sky.. it doesnt matter the weather, while wearing my favorite summer dress, dancing to my favorite jamz with my woes. Be it our skin getting sun kissed or showered by the summer rain. The venue could be anywhere, any time but how awesome would it be for the first taste of Apple Ciroc to be at the #AppleAffair launch with my bestie? ! ❤🎶🐝🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏🍏💃💃👑🍹🍸🍾🍾😍😍

  14. I love a good Margarita. The flavour combination of apple and ginger is undeniably delicious. Perfect adaptation of the classic; I’d add #CIROC Apple Vodka 🍏, handful of ice cubes ❄️, and Ginger Ale. Shake everything in a cocktail shaker and pour into a highball glass 🍹. Since it’s Spring, pop two cherries for that spritz of colour. This drink is meant to evoke an escapists sense, so, I’d enjoy it as a sundowner at the top of Signal Hill 🌅 – just before 💃🏾

  15. On the rocks. Simple and chilled. Pretty much like my life and my friends. Why mess with a fabulous taste by dashing it with something beneath it? I would never water down my friends and my life, so why would I do the same to something as delicious as #AppleAffair?

  16. In keeping with the brand’s image, I would enjoy the Apple Ciroc in the most stylish way possible. A high tea with my fabulous friends, dressed to the nines in white and green. Sipping cocktails made from the finest Ciroc vodka in fancy tea cups with a divine spread of summer treats on the table.

  17. I would enjoy my apple Ciroc with crushed ice, lemonade and a slightly bruised mint leave or 2. Very refreshing and delicious yummy.

  18. I would enjoy the Ciroc Apple flavour at the beach with the ladies since it’s getting warmer in Cape Town 🌞😎👙 #AppleAffair

  19. Well being in the most photogenic city Cape Town the best way to enjoy my Ciroc Apple would be chilling at the beach watching the sunset having a #AppleAffair with beauty surrounding me .

  20. I dont drink Alcohol but my partner will definitely enjoy Ciroc Apple. I will taste the apple flavour through the sweet kisses I usually steal on a night out with my boo.

  21. I would enjoy the Ciroc Apple vodka with my best friend, under the blue sky’s of Cape Town and ofcos watching Queen B doing what she does best who be the best time of my life while sipping on the CÎROC APPLE which is distinguished from other vodkas which originally derive from grapes.

  22. I would enjoy my #AppleAffair #CirocLifeSA Vodka under a palm tree with crushed ice, a dash of lime, a green straw and a Frangipani flower, and sipping it out of a freshly carved coconut.. 😍🙌💚 While chilling on a gorgeous beach island with warm blue water, white sand and a green bikini! 😊 🌞 🌴 please pick me! 💃🍹🍏🍒 I’m SO ready for this event. Ciroc is my drink of choice for any event or occasion. And combined with my favourite fruit and colour, it’s a MUST to attend this event. 🍏💃🍏

  23. Vodka and cranberry juice is always a winner. I would love some apple ciroc with some cranberry juice and a splash of lime juice all over some crushed ice. Enjoying this refreshing drink with great company.

  24. As this Ciroc is a masterful infusion with a distinctive blend of apple and other natural flavours, I cant think of a better way to enjoy it than on a hot day in one of the Mother City’s green and luscious farms this place has to offer with my girlfriends while we talk all things beautiful and fun. You will never go with just Ciroc Apple with a blend of Fresh Lime and cranberry juice on crushed ice. YUMMY 🙂 #AppleAffair#CirocLifeSA#

  25. I would enjoy Ciroc with my friends in a spring themed scenery. Positive Vibes flowing and good music. Ciroc is a very smooth vodka that can be mixed with almost any thing.

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