The Ciroc  #AppleAffair Cape Town takeover has landed. Taking place this Friday, we get to taste the new Ciroc Flavour and live our best lives at The Roundhouse.

Pic Source: Ciroc Vodka SA Instagram

The Extraordinary #AppleAffair” continues as the luxurious CÎROC™ Ultra-Premium Vodka brings the sophisticated taste of their new flavour, CÎROC Apple to Cape Town.

Nestled in the glens of Table Mountain, The Roundhouse in Cape Town will be the house of the Mother City’s elite, as it will be the venue for the CÎROC Apple launch on Friday, the 14th of October 2016.

Similar to the well-known Snap Frost and Pineapple variants in the CÎROC Vodka family, CÎROC Apple is 5 times distilled from the finest French grapes, which gives the vodka a fresh sophisticated taste that you can enjoy in a cocktail or perhaps you’d prefer it neat and on the rocks. No matter how it is served, your taste buds will enjoy every drop of the new CÎROC Apple flavor.

Following the successful Johannesburg launch on the 30th of September 2016, CÎROC Vodka South Africa promises to give Cape Town’s VIP media and celebrities an unforgettable experience with divine cuisine, superb music and of course, the irresistibly crisp taste of the new CÎROC Apple variant.

Diageo Reserve Marketing Manager, Vongani Chinkanda, explains the decision behind the new addition to CÎROC Vodka South Africa: “CÎROC Vodka has made its mark as a great tasting, high-quality liquid in South Africa. The luxurious and sophisticated taste of the new CÎROC Apple flavour will ensure that we continue to shine as the best luxury Vodka in the country.”

CÎROC Vodka South Africa will also be giving selected loyal consumers the opportunity to attend this exclusive, invite only launch event on all of their social media platforms. CÎROC Apple is available for purchase at your nearest liquor retail store.

We are also giving away tickets for the launch over HERE if you keen on being part of the affair!


By: Dudoo




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