Everyone that is ‘in the know’ would know about Tibz. Whether he is making us groove, hooking up drinks, slaying us in the fashion scene and also now tantalising our tastebuds in the kitchen-Tibz is a go getter! He has now partnered up his latest mission #CaféTibz with Bisquit!


Tebello Motsoane, more commonly known within the entertainment & corporate industry as, Tibz, has just completed the first of many Café Tibz collaborations with one of the world’s most prestigious cognacs, Bisquit. Café Tibz is one of the many concepts he will be working on with the brand.

The House of Bisquit Cognac founded in 1819 in the heart of France, is an amber-gold Cognac which has been the toast of Kings, artists and adventurers for centuries. Its fruity aromas have unfolded to reveal a marriage of deep spices and rich woods which is gifted in every individual discovery of this timeless Cognac.

Avid Entrepreneur & foodie, Tibz, created Café Tibz in the comfort of his home kitchen, this started out with him sharing different ingredient combinations he enjoyed experimenting with, with his social media followers. This then lead to him hosting family, friends & acquaintances in his home for private dinners. However, with the high demand for his delicious creations, he took the opportunity to create an exclusive dining experience for everyone to enjoy.

The first Café Tibz was exclusive to 80 people and held on Wednesday, 5th October 2016 in the vintage wine cellar at Verdicchio, Montecasino, with the most recent dinner having just taken place at Parc Femme on Friday, 18 November 2016 with just 20 guests being invited & treated for a more intimate feel. Tebello teamed up with the in-house chefs to create an incredible 3-course meal paired with the award winning Bisquit Cognac best selection. With welcome drinks greeting esteemed guests on their arrival, a superb selection of unique cuisine on offer, such as butter curried mussel tartlets, Crispy Duck confit and Gooseberry tarte tatin, to name a few, guests were treated to a phenomenal taste-bud experience.

“I’m really proud to have a relationship with the most awarded Cognac in the world. Together we will breathe life into all the things that I & everyone else enjoys… It’s going be an adventure of taste with lots of fun” Says Tibz

Café Tibz in collaboration with Bisquit Cognac will be visiting provinces all around SA to create this exceptional once in a lifetime dining experience for food lovers everywhere.

Looking forward to see Café Tibz hit Cape Town!


By: Dudoo



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