One on One with Arno Carstens by Brat

This man has released 10 studio albums (5 as the lead singer of Springbok Nude Girls, 1 as half of the Electronica project, Bhelltower and 4 as a solo artist). He has had over 20 top ten singles, won 5 South African Music Awards and shared the stage with legends of the music world including U2, The Rolling Stones and REM. In 2012 he recorded his 4th solo album, which is the landmark 10th studio album of his 20-year music career.
He has toured extensively in SA, UK, Europe and USA, headlined every major South African festival and performed at some of the most legendary international music festivals including Isle of Wight, Glastonbury, V Festival, T in the Park and Hard Rock Calling.

At the moment his touring the South African Coast with his eclectic alternative rock band, at venues in the Western & Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal as part of the annual ARNO CARSTENS UNPLUGGED series.

Arno Carstens WINTOUR 2013 _1_ Picture by Joanne Olivier

While on his tour I got to steal some of his time and have this one one with him, and this is how it went down:

Who is Arno?

I’m semifunctional, my cup is always half full; I like humour and beautiful things with a touch of decadence. I’m interested in science spiritualism.

 How was Arno as a child?

Being the youngest of four brothers I constantly had to fight to get heard, so I  probably became irritating, naughty and eventualy rebellious.

 Who is your biggest influence as a child?

My brothers

Where did your love for music start?

Observing my brothers escaping through music in their teenage years, and my dad and his buddies too.

In your music career you have taken three leaps, from being part of Springbok Nude Girls to Bhelltower then to being a solo artist. Can you explain why did you make those moves?

Things cease to exist, eventually people’s priorities change and things move on. I don’t call the shots.

arno final

Last year you released your 4th solo album titled “Atari Gala”, what was the influence behind the tracks in that album and the title itself?

I wanted to make an album that I like, influenced by music I listen to, a personal event that’s bare and honest… hence the name Atari Gala (warning cry or event).

In the same year you were blessed with a baby boy. How did being a father influence “Atari Gala”?

There’s more love in the house now, he is a true blessing.

Did being a father change the way you approach your music?

No not yet, but who knows, maybe it will in the future.

You have been quiet for a while, what have you been up to?

I’ve been in the UK, I’ve been painting, and I’m not really into the limelight thing any more – not that I ever was, it just found me for a while.


Why the Unplugged tour? And why the Coast?

Venues are small so it makes sense and I haven’t been on the coast for a while.

Are you touring with any specific artist?

Yes! With to brilliant artists, Guss Warden and Dawid Watkins.

Are you planning to do a 2nd leg of the tour in land or is it specially for people in the coast?

Nope, maybe later on.

Does this tour mean you cooking another album?

I’m busy with an interesting album that will be out in February next year. It’s different to other stuff I’ve done.

What’s your favourite performance so far and why?

Opening for U2 last year in Jozi; we had great sound and an awesome audience.

What’s your worst or disappointing performance so far and why?

There’s a couple… sometimes they’re my fault. Shit happens.

Arno Carstens Image BAND - Credit Joanne Olivier

If you were not a musician what will you be doing?

I don’t know; like I say I’m semi functional.

What is that one thing that we don’t know about you?

I don’t like sport much.

What is your favourite hangout spot in the Western Cape?

The coast!

If you were the president for a day, what would your first implementation?

Functionality and the death penalty.

What is your bad habit?

I party too much.

What is your guilty pleasure?


Arno Carsten by Renee Frouws

Give me three words that describes you?

Older, wiser, more rational

How do you deal with negativity especially on social networks?

I don’t read it.

Who/What is your pillar of strength?

Must be my wife.

Last word to your fans?

Enjoy life

 You need to choose one of the following: Booty, Legs, or Boobs


For more information and how to book him, you can go to his website


That’s all from me your BRAT, until the next post. Love you long time xoxoxo


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